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Words create. Words have power, words give things life, good or bad. When we complain we give our problems life, we give them power over us, over our day, our mood, our habits, our minds and our bodies. We allow them to grow. They grow inside of us and the negativity spreads to others around us.

When we are grateful, we are more appreciative of things big and small.  We attract positive people and positive things into our lives. We spread joy, love and happiness into those around us. It’s very important to be grateful, and to speak it out loud. Tell others when you are grateful for them or something that they did. Lift them up! Also pat yourself on the back and be grateful for all of your own accomplishments. Find things to celebrate rather than to complain about.

We have a game in our youth group that we play called 429. It comes from Bible verse Ephesians 4:29 which says, “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” Each time someone says something negative about anyone else they have to say 3 nice things about them to erase the negative thing they said. It makes them think twice about any “smack talk.”

In our gym we have the same rule, if you complain or say negative things about yourself, not only do you have to say 3 nice things, but you also have to do 10 push ups. That will make you become very careful about what you say! It’s a very good lesson also because when you have been particularly negative you will be sore and reminded for days.

The first step to any change is awareness. So many people don’t even realize that they are complainers. Sometimes we complain for attention or justification to whatever story we feel we want support on. How about we support each other in gratefulness and not complaining or negativity?

Instill a 429 rule in your house hold. Take notice of what you are giving life to. Hold yourself accountable, tell a friend or family member that you are trying to be a more positive person and for them to call you out when you slip. 10 push ups is a great way to remember, sore muscles remind you every day! Not to mention that you get a better body as you get a better mind! It’s a win-win! #Positivity #Gratefulness #BetterMeTribe

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