A Journeys of Dreams

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They are what we are all made of as children,
but what happens to us when we become adults?
Why do we stop dreaming?
Is that not when we should be dreaming the most?

Our hearts are put on fire for things, for reasons. We can’t ignore it, we can’t stop it, we can only hush it for so long, and doing so brings our own demise. We will never be happy if we don’t start going for those dreams!  You are so worth your happiness and that has a HUGE part to do with following your dreams.

Never stop fighting for your dreams.

We shouldn’t let anyone tell us that our dreams are no good, or that they will never come true. They are yours, they are beautiful, they are sooooooo worth it. Truth is, they are not their dreams, to begin with, so they can’t possibly understand. Tell the dream killers, to hush! You have your dreams and they have theirs. Kindly let them know that you will gladly support their dreams and would appreciate the support of yours. And if they can’t support your dreams, then they should get out of the way.

Our dreams magnetize us.

Dreams are what keep us going, they are what make us feel alive. They are not unobtainable. However, they are rarely as simple as they seem. Dreams give us the most beautiful journeys of our lives. They are what sets us apart from others. They are never ending, always exciting and super romantic!

Fall in love with your dreams!

Allow the dreams to flow, stop holding them back. You are not meant to be a dam, but instead a waterway. Allow those dreams to flow into you and through you. They are beautiful and they are in fact what makes you, you. Don’t you dare hide them! Listen to them fully, meditate on them and find out what it really is that your dream is and start going towards it. You may have to take a few leaps of faith along the way but don’t you worry, my friend…

Your dreams are also seeking you. 


#Write it

What are your dreams? Write them out, give them life!  Write as many as possible, get wild with it! Dream Big, Dream Bold, Dream Crazy.  If there is a passion in your heart then it is part of your purpose or it wouldn’t be there. Plain and simple! Be willing to be flexible,  sometimes our desires are usually not “simply” identified or fulfilled in the ways we might think. God’s plans are so much bigger than our minds or hearts can fathom. Learn to go with the flow but please just go! Your adventure of a lifetime begins now. Start writing.

Ask yourself this question to spark some ideas.

If I were living to my full potential, and if time and money were no object?

Now dig deeper….

  • What would I be doing in my life right now?
  • Where would you be doing it?
  • What are all the things I would have done by now if I have had this life all along?
  • What are all the things I would have planned, for in my future? 
  • What would my whole life look like right now, house (where), family, kids, grandkids? 
  • Where are the places I would have already gone and been planning to go in the future? 
  • How many people would I have helped by now and how did I help them? 
  • How many problems have I solved and how many more problems can I tackle?
  • What are some of the most amazing things I would have seen and am planning to see? 
  • What legacy have I already left and am going to leave for future generations to follow? 
  • What positive changes would I have left in the world already and what more can I do in the future?

Now these questions really get your heart pumping, don’t they! Whatever age you are right now, doesn’t matter! Yes, there are things we ALL COULD HAVE DONE already, and so much more we can do in the future. We’re never too young or old to dream and we’re never too young or old to start pursuing our purposes (and I believe we all have more than one, more than 100 even).

You see, our true happiness and fulfillment lie in fulfilling our purposes and helping others. Nothing else matters in the long run. People can all try to fill that empty hole inside of us that was put inside of us for our good.  We try to fill it with people, things, and for some even drugs and alcohol. But nothing fills that hole inside except for us fulfilling our purpose was set in each one of us. No one else can do any of it but the one it was made for. Me and you. It is the only thing that will make us whole.

From the questions above, each of us should have a whole page or three filled in, dig deeper, spend time doing this, and leave some blank pages after as we have now lit a spark that started a fire inside that can never be tamed!

The more you dream the more dreams will come,
and the more you fulfill these dreams, the more permission you allow yourself to dream bigger, stronger, louder.

If we truly look within ourselves and dig deep into the corners of our souls we will discover that there is no end, that we are boundless inside, that our souls are larger than space itself and that our dreams are as numerous and as bright as the stars, the closer we get to them the brighter they will become. We are amazingly and wondrously beautiful inside. Let it out. 

Explore your mind, heart, and soul, find all the dreams that have built up over the years.  Link them together as one, the more you grow the more they will grow. This is your spirit, allow it to be ever expansive and amazing and wondrous. If we think of our dreams as stars, then we should put as many in our sky as possible. Its kind of funny how some dreams link a little, I guess we can consider those our constellations. Just Dream. Pray to open your heart and allow your mind to knock all the cobwebs out of your head, and dust off your soul so you can properly dream with your heart.

Don’t limit yourself to one purpose, one thing, one star, take a step back and look we have thousands of purposes we are supposed to fulfill.

Realize that like space our journeys have no end, they may have checkpoints (goals) but there is no end, even after we are gone our legacy lives on, the ripples we have put in the world will still reach on, good and bad… Life and legacy are eternal. We need only to choose where and how to live, and what legacies we want to leave behind.

#Dig Deeper

Grab some highlighters and colored pens, circle your the top five dreams you have written down, even if you feel they are unobtainable, circle the ones that get you excited, the ones that make your heart flutter, your eyes light up, the ones that make your soul sing.

Now, pick Ten dreams that you can turn into goals right now and underline or highlight them.

Start a new page – a left page preferably. Don’t forget to skip a few pages from your dreams list, as you will be filling in more as you go as new sparks start new fires in your soul and new dreams will surface. Ohhhh I’m so excited for you! So, at the top of your page, title it… “Top 10 Dreams that I am turning into Goals” List them out one by one. Make them pretty, colorful and bright. Spread them out take up the whole page! Make it exciting because this is exciting. You are about to accomplish your dreams! GET EXCITED!!! Take a picture of that page, and make copies. Place it all over your life, in your house, on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, Save it as your phone lock screen and background, your screen saver, at your desk at work in your car. Put a copy in all the places that you have where you stop for a minute.

The goal is to be constantly reminded to never let your dreams out of your head
by not letting them out of your sight.

Every time you see them stop and read them, one by one, out loud as many times as possible that you can. When we say things out loud we breathe life into them. Shout if from the rooftops!

Lastly, write a due date by each dream goal. This will get your butt into gear to start creating actions to get those goals done, Use then next ten pages to write how you will accomplish those goals, step by step, break each big goal into littler attainable goals, and then again into smaller ones. Big things don’t happen overnight, they start with one small consistent step or action that leads to many. Don’t worry if you trip and fall either, dust yourself off and go for it again. Pick up your feet next time 😉

Failures are not the end they are learning tools.

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