Anchor of Hope

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Take a moment and think about your anchor. What have you placed your own anchors in? Other people, places, wishes of one days, dreams, careers, or the dreams of others?

Have you been allowing it to just drag bottom? Has it gotten stuck on some rocks of problems, or is it dragging through unsteady sand pulling you in different directions, slowing you down or making you go backwards from your goals?

Maybe you forgot to even put it down anywhere and you are just allowing yourself to constantly drift away from your goals or your destination. Every time you turn your motors off, you float to where ever the wind or storms takes you. Then when you do start the motor again you have to work extra hard to even get back to where you were, much less ahead! Exhausting isn’t it?

Maybe you just settled and threw it overboard the first time you ran out of gas, felt stuck, or got comfortable. Look at where it’s at.

Is it placed in the rocks of hope or maybe in things that are keeping us hostage. Are they things that steadily move us forward or things that hold us back from ever catching the wind and sailing towards our goals and dreams?

Our Anchors need to be dropped in the land of Hope and Faith. Find that spot and lower that anchor… and only there. In hope is where we find the courage and strength to be able to weather any storm. We need to extend our anchors all the way out to the deepest part of the sea of hope to keep us strongly planted. If our anchor firmly placed no wind, storm, person, circumstance, relationship, job, or sickness can break us free from our steadfast hope, nor pull us away out to the sea of worry, doubt, anger, or hopelessness, where we lose faith. If we are anchored strong enough in faith we will not even be able to drift far before our anchor line brings us back to hope.  For it is in the tough times that we should make sure that our anchors are down, and secure so that our lives will never get tossed, ship-wrecked or tore up by the rocks of life.

We must take comfort in knowing that our anchor is secure in Hope,
and expect that MASSIVE Blessings are coming our way!

Faith is the substance of things hoped for. You can’t have faith if you don’t first have hope. Hope is in the Lord, put your anchor in Him. Don’t put hope into doctors, bosses, spouses, parents, children, money or anything or anyone or any circumstance or job, or you will always be let down. Expectations are dangerous in the wrong hands, Our hope needs to be in The Lord. For this the only way we will not be let down.  We need to also put hope in ourselves. We can let ourselves down, sure, but it’s not like we didn’t see it coming.

Return to the stronghold, You prisoners of hope.
Even today I declare That I will restore double to you.
~Zechariah 9:12


Continually replace fears, worries and doubt with gratitude. Start changing your thoughts, your words and your actions.

Don’t say “If”, Say “When”

Manifest your future in your words, your thoughts and your actions. Bring good things to you. Every time you speak otherwise you are pushing it away. Start saying things like  “Thank you that great things are in my future” “Thank you for the blessing that I will receive for this struggle” “Thank you for this lesson for without it I would not be able to move on to my destiny.”

When times seem unbearably tough remember that…

Against all hope, HOPE ON, in Faith.

You see, God is not limited by human standards. He has super natural powers and we need to have super powered faith.  When bad things happen don’t pull your anchor up. Dig it deeper in faith and know that God would not have allowed it if He were not going to use it for OUR GOOD. He Loves us more than we love our own kids. He gives us free will to mess up so that we can learn. He is the best example of a father we could ever ask for.

Don’t let other people talk you out of
what God has put in your heart.

He didn’t put it in their hearts He put it in yours. He didn’t tell them, He told you. Just like David, Mary, Joseph, Noah, Abraham, Job, and many others in the Bible. Don’t you think that they got a crap ton of negative nay-sayers? Do you think it didn’t make them sway into doubt and fear? Of course it did, but their anchors were strong and deep, they didn’t get pulled away by the currents. They knew that…

If God is for us who can be against us.
~Romans 8:31

They didn’t allow the “jerks of the world” to drift them into bitterness, anger, worry, or stress, They knew that what was coming was far greater than what was happening now.  If you don’t have the hope that something good is coming it will limit what God can do in your life.

The forces that are for you
are greater than any force against you.
2 Kings 6:16

If you just believe. HAVE HOPE, KEEP THE FAITH, BELIEVE THAT ALL THINGS GOOD ARE COMING TO YOU. Keep your anchor in the Lord and all the storms or the forces of darkness will never break you free from Him.

But….cut the rope if your are anchored to bitterness, anger, doubt, fear or anything that doesn’t serve you or Him. Staying anchored to those things will keep you from your destiny and keep you from your dreams and stop the blessings the God has for us. Instead say, “This is a new day, I’ve been anchored to that junk long enough” and CUT THE ROPE!

Wake up and go out into each day expecting greatness to happen, believing that they will!  Living as though they are already on the way, because they are! Never allow doubt to come in- ever. If David wasn’t anchored to Hope we would not know who he was today. Goliath wasn’t sent to defeat David, but to Promote Him.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.
Proverbs 13:12

When we are not hopeful, something is wrong on the inside, it weakens our immune system. For your own life and healths sake anchor in hope. Stay hopeful in the fruitful and the dry seasons, in the sunshine and the storms. Continually repeat… Lord, I thank you that something good is on the way.  Because what we focus on grows. We need to guard our focus with our lives. 

Remember, when something bad happens that may derail us from what you thought was our dreams, not to drift to  worry, but instead find comfort in knowing that God has a bigger plan for us out there and He is in charge, He may be taking us to a place much bigger than what our original dreams ever were.

A bad break can not stop us if we are anchored in faith. God is going to turn our worries into good! Just believe. He gives us the freedom to be the captain of our boats. He shows us the way, so ask him for guidance and the best place to place your anchor to be the strongest possible place so that you may never drift astray!

Bad things happen,
We can make it our excuse
or we can make it our purpose.

What is now your test will soon be your testimony! May it be the awesomest most rewarding adventure of your life! <3

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