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We are all meant to be Angels on this earth and to shine our lights on everyone we meet. But why aren’t we? What holds us back? Is it fear, is it shame, is it unworthiness? None of those matter, those are stories you tell yourself that really hold you back.

What keeps us from standing up? From doing the right thing?

Fear: Let’s examine fear for a minute… What kind of fear? Fear of rejection, fear of what others think, fear of embarrassment. If we can really examine fear and classify what kind of fear it is, then we can help ourselves overcome it. Not all fear is the same. Some fear is confused for excitement. Clarify what kind of fear you are feeling and examine it really closely. We all know that most fears are not real– most fears are in our heads playing out an impossible a worst case scenario that… let’s face it… will never happen. Once we realize how silly we are being, working ourselves up over a soap opera scene gone wrong, we can accept the reality of it and simply stop listening to them. They are fake! Put things into perspective. We have to become our own private investigators! Ask ourselves questions like, Is that really going to happen? Is the opinion of that person something I even value in the first place? If we don’t like the way others behave, why would we pretend to be like them? Will it hurt worse to stand up for what is right or to pretend it doesn’t bother us when it does? The truth is when you stand up, you will find more people who honor and respect you. More people whose opinions matter. And by standing up you give them permission to do the same. Don’t let one sour grape ruin the whole batch. Be Brave, toss it and move on. There are so many better people out there. Watch and see– others will stand up next time as well.

Be the Angel, so that others can as well.

Shame: What are we ashamed of anyway? It is no one’s job to judge others. We should never be ashamed of the amazing people we are. We are all so amazingly and beautifully different! Shame and embarrassment are fears that keep us small. We allow them to keep our lights from shining, allow them to take over our lives, our lights, our personalities. We allow them to keep us from being our true selves.  NO! BREAK FREE! We can’t afford to give them a second thought! They are life stealers, dream killers and living-less-than-we-are-meant- to dealers! They keep us from fulfilling the purposes that have been placed inside of each of us. They hold us down, keep us from flying.

Don’t let anyone else Clip your wings!

Think of each fear as being a rope. The more fears we allow the more ropes that tie us down. The ropes may be as strong as a single piece of yarn or as big as the anchor rope on a ship. It all depends on how much strength we give them. Some fears are created inside of us by someone else who is too scared to fly so they try to keep everyone else grounded as well. We need to show them how to fly. Imagine the changes in the world!

Stop allowing fear to steal your feathers!

Imagine that every time we let fear win, he is stealing a feather from you. Yes, the feather will grow back eventually but it will take time. Shouldn’t we stay away from things that set us back, that steal our feathers or break them? Let’s stop entertaining fear, he doesn’t belong here.

Bravery makes our Feathers Grow.

How do we beat fear? Faith. How do we have faith? We must first be brave. Instead of allowing fearful thoughts inside, let’s change those thoughts into thoughts of acceptance– knowing that people will actually love you more, that it’s never embarrassing to do the right thing, that it’s brave. And we are all meant to be heroes for those who are not yet brave enough to be. Bravery is what makes feathers grow. Bravery to do good, to stand for good, to make others feel good. To help others to do good as well, for themselves and then for others! It takes bravery to do anything good. To stand out in a crowd. To do what’s right. It takes bravery to step out in faith.  It takes massive Bravery to Love, and isn’t Love what we are all called to do anyways?

You are unworthy of fear and fear is unworthy of you!

Unworthiness: You are so worthy, you are so worth it. And so is everyone around you. Your light is needed in this world. You deserve to fly! Sometimes we think that maybe we have not done enough good or too much bad to ever make a comeback, to be worthy of being an angel. THAT IS NOT TRUE.

We all screw up. Every single one of us. And DAILY! Shoot some days its hourly! Does that mean we are tainted and unworthy forever? NO!

Imagine a beautiful bird flying freely through the sky.
He swoops down to land on a tree branch
but misses and falls down into a mud puddle.
Yes, his wings are dirty, and for a time he can not fly.
With time the mud will dry out and the dirt will fall off.
It may even take some cleaning, moving and shaking.

Should the bird just give up and stay in the mud forever
because he got dirty once? NO! Of course not.
Neither should you! We pick ourselves up
and dust off and learn some lessons along the way.

That is the beautiful thing about life. Everything is a win. There are no losses, only lessons learned.
What mud do we need to start cleaning off of our wings today? What lessons do we need to learn to allow ourselves to fly? What beautiful gifts do you have that can shine a light on others? How many ways can you conquer fear today and start being brave? What journey are you going to start today? What makes you fly?

You are worthy, you are beautiful,
and you are All MY ANGELS!

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