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Funks. We all have them, we all go through them, some last an hour, some last a day, some last a week or longer. The average funk lasts around 2-3 days for most people. But they can also end in a split second.

Unfortunately funks can be contagious. But remember that it is a choice.  When someone around you is in a funk do you become a…

a) fellow-funker (Your down so I’ll be down and we can all be down together)
b) funk-dweller (Let’s stay down cause it’s what we do)
c) funk-feeder (Poor baby… let’s feed the funk so it grows)
d) funk-a-holic (Oooooh someone needs my help- Time to hero or mom them)
e) funk-upper  (Oh yeah well my funks bigger than your funk)
f) Anti-Funker (you do whatever you have to do to snap them out of it)

F- should be your choice. A funk is almost like a bad spell cast over your life. Don’t feed it, don’t contract/spread it or even give the funk a foot hold! Everyone needs to be the anti-funk friend!  And you need to teach them how to become your anti-funk to return the favor when needed. There is an awesome quote that I love, it says “If you’re not part of the solution, then you are part of the problem.”

How to be the Anti-Funk. Step one. Make them laugh. Whatever it takes. Corny Joke hour is my favorite. There is just something so rewarding about lame jokes that can break the ice surrounding their souls from a seemingly horrible day. Laughter releases “happy-endorphins” into your body and kicks a funk out just like that! Just keep going until the funk floats away like the sun breaking through the clouds and drying up the rain. There is no step two needed. It truly is that simple.

Now the hard part is recognizing your own funk and learning how to become your own Anti-funker! If you can recognize it then the hard part is over. Find ways to de-funk your self and your life. Watch a funny movie, type in funny memes on google search, watch dumb cat videos, if you have any chat groups or games have a corny joke hour. I highly suggest having a friend that makes you laugh until you cry on stand by at all times. Make a weekly lunch date with them to keep the funks at bay! Remember: No one wants to hang around a constant debbie downer.  Make sure you can also be the light in others worlds. Become an Anti-funker for you and for others too. #BetterMeTribe #LaughTilYouCry #Anti-Funk


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