Be A Hero, Every Day

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Ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country. ~John F. Kennedy

Before I start today’s inspiration, I first want to acknowledge those Heroes in our world who fight for our freedom.
Who protect us from so many things that we are completely unaware of. Who provide safety for us and our families and who give more than everything for us.

I want to say Thank You to their families as well. I can’t imagine the strength it takes for a mother or father to send their child to fight for others, knowing that they may never come home. To fight for people whom they do not even know, and fight to save a country that they care about and love when so many take it for granted.  The strength it takes for a wife to know her husband is out there in danger every single day, scared to death for him. The amount of faith it would take to sleep at night or carry on strong for family and friends is beyond words to me. So, to the Soldiers’ families – You are truly heroes to me.

My heart and prayers go out to the families as well as the soldiers.
With utmost respect and love for you all!  

Now then…
What does a Hero look like to you? Is it a soldier, a leader, a winner, a loser who smiles, an overcomer, a single parent giving their all for their child, an underdog? We all have many different versions of heroes in our lives. Think of the Heroes in your life today, and send them a thank you message. If they have passed, maybe send a message to their family or a friend that was close to them and thank them for having a part in their lives, or supporting them in whatever way they did. 

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”
~Joseph Campbell

What does it mean to give our lives for something bigger than ourselves? Soldiers do it every day. What about a man who sees a child chasing a ball in the street, runs to rescue them and gets killed? Did he give all? Yes. What if the child is so amazed by his heroism, that they grow up to be a world changer in their honor? Jesus himself was the biggest hero of all in my book. He gave His life to atone for all of our sins. Even if you are not a Christian, you have to agree, that that was a pretty big sacrifice. And for God to give his one and only Son for us, knowing we are sinners, that we will continually let him down? I can’t say that I would have done it. I am not afraid to say that I am not that strong.

“My own heroes are the dreamers, those men, and women who tried to make the world a better place than when they found it, whether in small ways or great ones. Some succeeded, some failed, most had mixed results… but it is the effort that’s heroic, as I see it. Win or lose, I admire those who fight the good fight.”
~ George R.R. Martin

What are the characteristics of a Hero? Bravery, Respect, Loyalty, Selflessness, Courage, Honor, Boldness, Fearless, Patience, Care, Love, Strong, Leader, Altruistic, Clever, Visionary, Good Morals, Integrity, Decisive, Focused, Determined, Ambitious, Honest, Fair, Just, Kind, Compassionate, Giving? I’m sure there are more.

“Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald 

Do you think that heroes were born heroes? NO! Something happened that made them stand up, usually, a tragedy in their lives made them become the heroes they are today. Do we have to wait until a tragedy comes to become a hero? NO! Preferably you begin before one strike! What if you decided today to become a hero in someone’s life, in your own life? I’m positive you can close your eyes and think of one or ten people who need a hero in their lives. Start there. They do not have to know that it’s you being their hero. Heroes do not do it for self-glory. Be a secret Hero when needed. Superman doesn’t do it for glory, does he?

“What makes Superman a hero is not that he has power, but that he has the wisdom and the maturity to use the power wisely.”
~ Christopher Reeve

Do you think Heroism is contagious? I believe it is. When people help us, we are usually amazed, we feel compelled to “Pay It Forward” and do something good for someone else. And doing good feels good! The best way to pull out of a slump is to help someone else. When you help others it makes the light inside of you burn brighter! When you are feeling down and out, go do something selfless.

“Selfless > Selfish”
~A. Radford

I say it all the time, awareness is the key to all things. When we feel down, we need to recognize it and redirect it, and go do good.
We all have “pity parties” sometimes, and that’s ok. But let’s get real, they’re not very fun. What if, instead, you went to a Children’s home and threw a birthday party for the kids there– wouldn’t that feel better? Don’t be overwhelmed, if you can’t afford to get them all gifts, then show up early and have them all make presents for each other and do a mystery gift exchange. The kids will love it all the same, and you know what? You will be their Hero.

“I think that we all do heroic things, but a hero is not a noun, it’s a verb.”
~ Robert Downey, Jr.

What can we do to be heroes? 

Go volunteer at a pet shelter, no one can be grumpy around puppies and kittens! (Just try not to bring them all home!)

Go volunteer at a retirement home and adopt a grandparent, listen to their amazing stories of trials and tribulations. If you want to meet some real-life heroes, you will surely find them there! Don’t stop there, share their amazing stories with others so that their legacy can live on. Imagine the wisdom they can offer you into your own life. Ask questions, but just listen; listen with more than your ears, listen with your heart. Watch the faces, the love, the grief, the tears.

“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”
~Christopher Reeve

Go to a VA Hospital, listen to some Veterans war stories. You will get some real perspective on what fighting for freedom really means. Listen to the struggles, listen to the friends they have lost, the scares and dangers they have endured. Listen to their bravery. Adopt some of it. And make sure to thank them, because they did what they did, you didn’t have to.

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.”
~ Bob Dylan

Who are the everyday heroes, and how do we become them?
CHALLENGE: Find the hero in everyone you meet, listen to their stories, learn about their hardship. Taking this one change into your life will open your eyes to a whole new world. Look at everyone through bravery goggles.  This shift will make you appreciate everything more. And as for people, when you walk a mile in their shoes, you may change your perspective.  Start collecting stories in a Hero journal. Maybe record them as you talk with people, so you don’t forget the amazing lessons in every hero’s story. Ask people this question… “When have you had to be BRAVE in your life?”
I’ll bet you have had to be brave many times in your life as well. Don’t forget to add in your own brave and heroic stories, and the lessons you learned in every Hero’s Adventure. You are a hero! We are all meant to be heroes, every single day! Don’t just be a hero, BE A SUPERHERO– not only to everyone else but to yourself as well! Give yourself a pat on the back for all the heroisms in your life, and make sure you call or write the heroes in your own life who have made impacts big and small.
Be sure to share your hero stories with us! Let’s Inspire the world together! #BetterMeTribe


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