Be careful little me…

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Do you realize the actions, the reactions, the shouldn’t haves and the definitely should haves, all leave trails for future generations to follow? No pressure right? The Past becomes the future they say… well it very well can. All of our choices lead to choices of others.


When we hate, gossip, fight, say mean things, get angry…. Others are watching.
When we love, lift, encourage, empower, show kindness and grace… Others are watching. 

People mimic people. People learn from others. Children learn from parents. Parents learn from Grandparents and so it goes on. People will follow what you do over what you say!

Future generations learn from us.
What do we want to teach them?

We are teaching our own kids and other people who are watching us do what we do. Are we are teaching them to see others in a negative or a positive a light. Are we teaching them to see themselves in a loving or hating way? Our actions are hereditary, they are contagious. When we compliment others, lift others up, find the strengths in them, see them from the inside. We teach others to do the same. Same goes for ourselves. If we say mean things to ourselves in front of our kids we are teaching them to self-hate. When we compliment ourselves, complement them, show them their strengths and beauty we teach them to self-love. Which would you rather your child do? Love or hate themselves.

No matter what we say, people see what we do.

Be careful little mouths what we say… Be careful little hands what we do…  Be careful little actions how we act… Be careful little feet where we go… Be careful little thoughts what we think….

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”

Each prophet, teacher and a historical hero has the same sort of wisdom to share. And it is all so very true!
The Bible and most religions have their own version as well, but it all comes down to this… What we give to the world is what we give to the world.  Generation to generation we share these things. What are we giving to others? What emotional or actionable legacy are we giving to our future generations? Can we stop the cycle of hate and turn it to love? Yes!

Hate brings hate.
Love brings love.

Respect brings respect.
Disrespect brings disrespect.

Anger brings anger.
Forgiveness brings forgiveness.

Sadness brings sadness.
Happiness brings happiness.

Ignorance brings ignorance.
Wisdom brings wisdom.

The list could go on and on, make your own list. Own what you are putting into the world and start making changes to make the world a better place. Starting with you.


It IS up to us to change the future of the world.
Each of us. In our own way.

The world is hard enough!
We don’t need to be doing anything to make it harder.

You know what makes the world hard? Negative people.
Negativity is a disease, it is contagious, It will shoot a hole in your hot air balloon full of dreams! Get away from it as fast as possible. And all its cousins, hate, judging, comparing, sadness, ignorance, racism, anger, disrespect. But so is positivity! Positivity is contagious! Do your best to spread good things! By doing good things!

So… be careful little me what I do. The future depends on it.

I vow to send love, grace, compassion, honesty, integrity, happiness, forgiveness and prosperity out into the world from now on. I also vow to become a positive cupid, shooting prayers and happy thoughts towards all I meet whether they know it or not.

~Signed Me XOXO

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