Be consistently persistent!

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Persistence & Consistence are the key ingredients for success.

Define your goals, health, success, abundance!
What do you need to do to get there?

Doesn’t matter what the goal is, it will take persistent, consistent action to get you there! And Almost every goal goals will require many, many actions to get there… BUT THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF IT ALL! Be THANKFUL of the growth that dreams require!!!!

What are your goals? Did you know that some people are scared of defining their goals! We can be so scared of failing that we don’t even try!

Not Trying IS failing!

So throw the fear of failure right out the door and be more afraid of not living a life you are proud of!

Define your goals! 
Is your goal becoming Healthy? Then exercise, choosing nourishing foods, great sleep, plenty of water, & as much fun as possible to keep stress away are the ways to reach those goals! Our goal should never be something so small as losing weight, it should be about our HEALTH! Health IS NOT A NUMBER! Health is a feeling, a freedom, being limitless! Being a kick butt grandma/pa who can keep up with the grandkids! But…. it requires many lifestyle choices, not something we do for three days and not again for 6 months!! It means we are taking care of ourself EVERY DANG DAY! Health good or bad doesn’t just happen! Choose the healthy shakes, the grilled, not fried foods, to eat the rainbow of veggies every meal!

CHOOSE IT because Everything is a choice.
Good health or bad is a choice.

For Abundance– Hard work, giving as much we are getting, a balance, a business plan that includes a way to give back into the world and not just take from it! Our goals should never be about getting rich! It should be about being able to OVERFLOW INTO OTHERS! (I’m writing a whole book about this!!!) Imagine how many more people we can help, how much more we could do if we were massively abundant in all the areas of our lives!!!

For Success: Living, breathing & working your purpose! Not on someone else’s dreams but your own! That may be working for a company whose integrity and mission aligns with ours or creating our own! It could be even working on part of something that changes the world for the better! Just make sure it aligns with your purpose whatever you are doing. And make sure you are figuring out whatever your purpose is! Our goals should never be about a dollar sign, a company car or a fancy title with letters behind our name, it should be about being a part of something that makes your soul sing and our hearts beam with excitement! 

What are your goals? Name them, claim them & work on them consistently & persistently!


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