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Be The Love You Want To See

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Love is the Building Block

It is evident that today’s new normal will never be the old normal again… and that is OK. And for most of us, it’s better than OK. If we are honest with ourselves. This. Is. What. We. Needed. We needed time to love. This is what we prayed for. Maybe not the deaths, because that part is, in fact, terrible, and my condolences to everyone who has lost a loved one during this time and well any time, I am one of those people. But for the most part, this has been a beautiful slowdown.

We all needed a minute; the world needed a minute; the earth needed a minute. We all needed the time to catch up. Catch up with our family, our spouse, our twenty-two half-done projects, our stack of books we want to read on our nightstand. A minute in nature where we can reconnect with our roots. A minute to reconnect with ourselves, a minute to figure out who the man in the mirror is these days. Because last time we looked, it was 1995!

We are ever-changing and ever-growing humans. Who we are today is not who we were a year, five years, or a decade ago. Neither are your kids; they are not the same; they were a week ago! Your spouse is a whole new person as well.

Take this time to reintroduce yourselves to yourselves and to others.

We have the choice at this time to choose to appreciate the beauty of this unexpected gift or to focus on the pain, conspiracy’s and hate, trying to find someone to blame instead of facing ourselves in this time. We see people on the news and media being crazy. Look around. Does it match what you see in real life? Media wants to instill fear, panic, drama, and hate… because y’all, that is how they get views, which to them, means money. It’s a business. We created it to be the monster by falling into the trap.

The squeaky wheel gets the oil, right? It is time to start telling a new story, the truth. It is time to thank all the wheels for doing their jobs and making our lives easier. Instead of focusing on the problem giving it all of our attention, let’s simply replace that problem with something that works and toss what no longer works in the trash. Let’s start fixing the problems instead of nursing them, dancing around them, and walking on eggshells for them.

We are doers; we are fixers.

That is our true human nature. We want to fix everything. But this time… God, the Earth, Karma, whomever you choose to believe, IS FIXING US. We, as a human race, somewhere along the way, become lost and broken. We stopped caring about each other. We have let simple things divide us, stupid things. Divorces and family members hating and shutting each other out over a difference of opinion, or who they voted for, what side they’re on or who or what they feel most aligned with.

People are simply choosing what is best for them. Just as you are choosing what is best for you, others have the right to do the same. No one is a sheep, we all have a brain, and we all choose to believe what we do. 

One thing I know for sure is you will NEVER win anyone over to your “side” with hate. Everyone has the right to protect their own life and family, how they choose, according to their own needs and desires, and that is OK. Calling each other names and saying things worse than what they are hating the other side for and thinking that is OK. It’s not. If we are calling anyone names, we are in the wrong—every time.

When you become the thing you hate,

you start to hate yourself.

What is inside will always come out. Take a step back. Be the thing you wish to see in others. If you want others to listen to your opinion, then listen to theirs. If you want others to speak to you with respect, then you must do the same. If you want someone to apologize, you go first. Remember the Golden Rule?

So whatever you wish that others would do to you,

do also to them for this is the Law…


Other prophets and world-changers had the same view.

Be the change you wish to see in the world.



Do not do to others what angers you

if done to you by others.

~ Socrates

Do not do to others what

you do not want them to do to you.


If all of your thoughts, words, and actions were to come back to you instantly, would you be doing all the same things? Chances are they are, but you can not get mad; you threw the boomerang. You. You have to choose what to give if you want to get different, give differently. 

We get what we give. So give better, get better. 

What about if everything you put out there in the world came back to your children? Would that be OK? The problem is everything we give out will be multiplied before it comes back to us… So whatever you are giving is coming back bigger than it left. Are you OK with your kids receiving all of that? 

If what you are giving is not what you want to be getting, it reveals a very powerful internal misalignment and possibly, more than likely, a raging war within, which keeps the vicious cycle going. End it. 

The question now is not

“How could they…” but “How can I…”

Blame is a denial and rejection of responsibility. It is time for all of us to grow up. Change the question, and we change the conversation.

What can I do today to break this vicious cycle and show more Love in every situation?

How can I show more Love to those commenting on different opinions on political or personal posts?

How can I be more kind and compassionate to someone else’s situation?

How can I be more accepting that what is best for you may not be what is best for someone else?

How can I be less controlling of others and use that energy to be more a more controlled person myself? One that doesn’t let others’ opinions and ideas make me blow a gasket and possibly not show the best side of myself?

We give what we have inside.

Fuel yourself with Love not hate and give better things.

Grab a sharpie, write “Be Love” on your wrist and use it as a reminder to be Love in this. Before you type, spout, or give hate of any kind, be Love. Be Love in all things. Get it tattooed on your wrist if you want to be Love in all things forever like I did.

Written there or not, you can always take a deep breath of Love in before you reply to anyone and anything so that Love is what you have inside, and Love is all you are giving. In one instant, you can take to a moment to make a change inside. It will break the vicious cycle in your lives and the lives of those around you. Be the change. Be Love.

Yeah, I know; you got crap in your life, unbelievable amounts of crap, worries, struggles, and everything else that is stressing you out. But, I promise you everyone does, and most peoples are worse than yours. And if we all just change our view from inside out to outside in, and understand that… Everyone. Is. Struggling. One ounce of Love from each other could change all of our lives. It would change the world. YOU… Yes you, CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. One act of kindness, compassion, and Love at a time.

You have the power to change the conversation from hate to love… every… single… time.

We have heard the term “Act as if” or “Treat as if” a lot lately. But I say, we start today treating as if… everyone we meet is a fragile human being. Treat others as if whatever they are going through is ten times worse than whatever we are going through. If we stop and look around, we can see it.

If the lady in front of you at the store looks like a mess, maybe she just lost her husband? Would you treat her differently if you knew that? If the person that cut you off in traffic is headed to the hospital to see their child who has been in a tragic accident, would you still cuss them or let them go on ahead, giving them plenty of space and yell at everyone else for yelling at them? What if the jerk at work is dealing with abuse or tragedy at home? Would you treat them differently? Maybe the guy in class who sleeps all the time has a sick one at home that they’re caring for. We just never know. Act as if compassion is what is needed here. Because it ALWAYS is. Even for self. We never know what’s really going on with people.

But we can ask.

The thing is, we all give outside what we have going on inside, so if someone is giving you a hard time or acting off, then they may have something major going on inside that we know nothing about. Just Be Love.

So. Now your new questions will be… “How can I be Love in this. How can I understand more? How can I show compassion, care, patience? How can I help them. “and start answering them one by one.

Paying it forward, A flower on a desk with a note saying “it’s going to be OK” will go a long way. Inviting someone to coffee and learning more about them is a great way to understand. Kindly asking people if they are OK shows you care and helps us all feel less alone. Love heals. 

We are not meant to carry burdens alone; life is precious. Find a way to be kind and do more to be Love today. Try to put yourself in other’s shoes; try to understand that everyone has stuff going on.

A little love goes a long way.

Be that Love with me.



If this touched your heart, feel free to share this post with someone who needs a little more love in their lives. ♥️



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