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Just a small reminder today to Bloom where you are planted. To do the best you can with whatever you have, where ever you are. 

Circumstances do not matter, your mindset is the only thing that does.

Being grateful in all things, no matter how big or small, is the key to having a good mindset. Not looking at all the things we don’t have, but instead being thankful for all the things we do have.  The fact that you have internet, and something to read it on means you are richer and more blessed, than 85% of the world. Take that in for a second! 

If we are grateful in all things, that is when we are truely blessed.

When we find gratitude in all things, we find the beauty in all things. When we see the beauty in all things then we begin to grow. 

To bloom one must first grow! 

How do we grow?  We learn. We live with the intention to grow so that we can bloom. 

What do we need? 

Light. We need to fill our lives with sunshine (positivity- positive people, positive thoughts, postive music, positive books, positive actions, positive habits)

Water. We need to water our thirsty souls (refilling with nature, reading, learning, experiencing, anything we can do to help us grow).

Good nutrition. What we put in our bodies matters. Our mental health is massively affected by what we eat! Quality over quantity. 

Air (spirituality, prayer, meditation, breathing in good things, breathing out bad things, things that are no longer good for us, before they posion us) 

Time (quiet time, time to think, time to breathe, time to pray, meditate, & just be)

If we live a life with intention to grow, setting all our goals towards our blooms, nothing can stop us. No circumstance will matter when we live a life of intention. Beauty comes from the tiniest seed, and that seed has to fight for it! It has to fight through the shell, fight through the dirt, the rocks, the rain, and weather the storms. The storms are what make us strong enough to hold the blooms!  We couldnt possibly hold them as tiny sprouts could we!

We have to be strong enough when we bloom to catch the breezes, to hold the rain, and  to be there to hold others up when they need a rest (bugs, butterflies and birds). Helping others, giving to others, brightening others days, That is what makes us beautiful. But are we willing to fight for it? I am. Are you? 

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