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What is your story? The good, the bad, the ugly? How many people around you know how great you truly are? How many people know your adventures, your shortcomings and your wins? Do you share your greatness with others? Time a brag list, to remind you to keep being great!

We are ALWAYS in the company of greatness,
sometimes we just don’t know it!

What if we start asking people what their story is! Ask people questions! Ask them positive questions like…

“What is your story or What are you most proud of in your life so far?”

What is your own answer to that question? I love to talk to people. I love to hear their story, I love the way people’s eyes light up on the good parts, and tear up on the sad parts. I love how they relive each moment as they tell it just as the gift or lesson that it was.

I love to gently guide people to find the good in ALL things in their hearts. When they tell me stories of heartache, I ask, “What amazing lessons did you learn in that time,” or “What better thing did it lead to in the end?”

The precious smile and the light that shows in the once dark and sorrowed eye, tells me that I have lit a spark inside of them –and if we keep talking –it will grow to a fire inside. Some other questions I like to ask are… “If you could go back to yourself in that time what would you say?” The usual answer is, “It will be ok,” or “Don’t choose them”, “There is better out there for you,” “Run” or even “This turns out beautiful, just you wait.”


I challenge you today to go back through and either write or speak your story, Tell it in multiple ways. If someone were to make a movie out of your life, what kind of movie would it be? Comedy, Drama, Horror, Suspense, Heart-felt? I bet it would be all of them. It just depends on how you tell it. Choose it to be all of the above.

Life is an amazing adventure.
It’s not all bad, it’s not all good,
but it’s always an adventure!

I also challenge you today to start learning people’s stories… That teacher you know, allow her to tell you about the student who was most difficult, that changed her life and that she is now the hero too. Or that war vet who has a thousand stories of heroisms untold, or that college student who is secretly changing the world and no one knows about it, or that child that plans on inventing something that solves all the worlds problems, but may be struggling in an area that seems too big to move past.

We are all heroes,

It is not bad to brag, it is not shameful to tell others of the amazing things you have done in the world. Don’t hide your awesome, because someone else chose not to be! Everyone is awesome, just in different ways. When we share our awesome with the world, it gives them permission to share their awesome and it gives courage for those who haven’t found their awesome yet to go find it! We are doing a disservice to the world by pretending to be or playing small. GO SHINE YOUR LIGHT for all to see, This world isn’t meant to be dark, Things need light to grow. Be that light.

So Go, Brag, Tell the world of your greatness, Ask the world of theirs, Remember that the hard times are good, they grow us to have the great times. It takes overcoming to become what you are meant to be. Love and appreciate all the lessons the hard times give us. Love and appreciate the great times. Share the lessons with the world so that they can learn from you, not from the pain you had to endure. Lessons, adventures, and heroism’s are meant to be shared!

Jealousy is just inspiration in disguise.

Go make them all jealous! It’s inspiring them to find their awesome! Tell us your story in the comments below! <3


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