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Today is International Women’s Day, and I encourage all women to really recognize their own strengths from deep within. To call them out and to be grateful for all the amazing things they are and the roles they play. I also encourage us to love and lift each other up on this special day, for all the men to lift up the women in their lives, make them feel like the beautiful, powerful and amazing goddesses that they are!

Women so often get lost in who they are, in the roles they have to play.  They get so used to being so and so’s wife, so and so’s mom, so and so’s assistant, etc. that they often even lose their own name- (they become mom or mrs. or they become their job title).  Yes, those things are a huge part of who we have become, but not who we are on the inside. Our dreams, passions and purposes don’t just die when we get married. become a mom or get a job that is less than our dreams. The selflessness inside of us helps us to simply put our needs and dreams on hold to serve others for a little while, but they’re not meant to stop forever.

We are amazingly beautiful and complex creations. We are each unique but we are one. We are vulnerable yet powerful. We are kind yet firm. We are compassionate yet grounded. We are giving yet valuable. We are love yet desire to be loved.  We are soft yet strong.  We love with our whole heart and our deepest desires can’t be tamed.

Build your team of strong and powerful women around you, create your tribe, grow those relationships and watch yourself become so much stronger being surrounded by the love and support. Your life will become so much more abundant than you could ever be on your own. Create in your life a beautiful pack of lionesses. Recognize your amazing potential  and know that you are never alone. We are all beautiful goddesses that can and will change the world! #Goddess #WomensDay #BetterMeTribe


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