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Challenge You

Nothing AWESOME happens in your comfort zone. What Challenges you? Who Challenges you? Do you challenge you?

Think about some changes you would you like to make in your life? Set yourself up for success, get your goals in order and written down. Then set your self up little mini challenges to complete them. Make sure to have specific mini goals and dates to complete them by. Make it a game! Life is supposed to be fun! Go play it and WIN IT!

Some Example Games/Challenges you can use or make your own.
1.  Say you want a 10 minute mile, Challenge yourself to take off 15 seconds every run. The more you practice the faster it will happen!
2.  Maybe you want to get out of debt: Challenge yourself to start swapping some habits out. Instead of getting a Starbucks, and eating out for lunch, bring your coffee from home and have a healthy shake or bring your lunch and put that $20 a day towards the loan, Thats at least $100+ per week extra towards a debt, $400+ per month towards a loan will REALLY knock it down quick!
3.  Maybe you want to feel better about yourself- Put positive notes around on all the mirrors, and challenge yourself to repeat them out loud in the mirror over and over, every single day. Every couple days put a new note up. Something like “Hey Gorgeous, You are going to ROCK this day!”

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