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What if I told you EVERYTHING gives us energy? IT DOES. However, the energy we take from things is our choice. What pumps you up, gets you in a good mood? What gets your blood moving and your booty shaking? For most, it’s a good playlist, a good workout, a good time with friends, laughter, love, fun. But what makes those things good? What about them fills us with energy? Or what about them makes us feel allowed to be in a good mood? It’s not the actual things but how we choose to receive that certain energy from them. It is, in fact, the feeling we choose to put with them. It is ALWAYS our choice to feel how we feel. It is also always our choice to change, redirect or completely allow our moods and the energy we create, creates our moods, and vice versa if we allow it.

All energy received is a choice.

When we learn to glean good energy from any and all sources it will open our world up to amazing things! Think about the most energy sucking thing in your life. For me board meetings or as I called them “bored meetings” when I worked in the corporate world. I would sit there and with every minute that passed thinking of all the things I needed to be doing that were not here in this “bored” room, it felt like a year was being sucked out of my life for every hour I was there. Was the meeting in fact boring? Well, maybe… but it was ME that was choosing to it be boring for me. 

We choose our energy levels.

As I sat in yet another weekly meeting, bored to my gourd, knowing that I wasn’t getting anything out of it seeing as how my super active brain was wondering off wishing to be the butterfly outside or anything else but in that room. I looked around and realized that I wasn’t being a good example to my team members. I started to notice that people would mimic my behavior, If I crossed my legs or arms, they would. If I leaned forward they did. I realized that I was dragging the meeting down. Not the speaker, although it wouldn’t hurt them to bring some pizzaz! I decided in that moment that I could only control me and my actions, and reactions. And also that We are always being an example to others… good or bad… we are an example. I decided to be a better example, to be more careful of my energy, my vibes, my actions. I thought of ways to make these meetings less painful. I started to bring in my famous roses for the table, the smell alone brightened the moods, and the random garden spider that dropped out was pure entertainment!  Then I started swinging by the bakery for goodies – which were seemingly better than mine! I brought in a coffee pot so that people could have a coffee in their hands and that kept their hands busy so they could pay attention better. It also kept the pen clicker and tapper guys at bay (don’t be that guy).

I went back to my desk and thought of ways to make those morning meetings less painful. I started with bringing in my famous roses from my garden for the table, the smell alone brightened the moods for everyone. What a simple thing! Plus, the random garden spider that dropped out of them now and again was pure entertainment!  After a week or so, I started swinging by the bakery for tiny goodies – a variety for all the picky ones, and small versions for all the dieters. Baking is not my strong suit so…. Picking them up was best for everyone. Those mini cookies which were seemingly better than mine, I assure you! I eventually brought in a coffee pot so that people could have a coffee in their hands and that kept their hands busy so they could pay attention better. It also kept the pen clicker and tapper guys at bay (don’t be that guy). And a little fountain that had little music tins that would play a nice soft music as the water hit it for some gentle ambiance noise. After a few weeks, the meetings became something we all looked forward to, not dreaded.

I would experiment each meeting, tweaking things learning what worked and what didn’t. I learned what they needed to help them release their walls and engage, and in turn, it made the whole meeting more likable for everyone. I didn’t do what I needed, but what they needed. If it were me there would be a 2 min dance-a-thon before and after each meeting!  I also started to speak in a more upbeat and excited manner when it was my turn, support my teams’ ideas, and compliment everyone for their awesomeness. I asked questions to pull out peoples strengths, I asked peoples thoughts on things and realized soon that the quiet ones usually had the best ideas! I noticed that everyone after me spoke more engaging and encouraging the whole mood of the meeting was not only lighter but way more productive. WE SET THE MOOD FOR THINGS. Choose the mood you want to set. Step up and lead the mood of the room. Always. 

We choose what tone to set for our moods, meetings & days.

We all began to be more interactive and the workflow began to move. We were all working together much better throughout the days, the tension between co-workers eased. There wasn’t the overcompensation-brag-a-thon co-worker, the under-the-bus-ary co-worker, the every-ones-fault-but-mine co-worker nor the underachiever I’m-not-good-enough co-worker. Instead, there became a team working together, allowing one’s strengths to fill another’s weakness and vice versa.  The good energy of the whole place became the usual, instead of the bad energy we once carried. Sales went up, employees were sick less often (or pretending to be sick less often) People actually started to enjoy coming to work.

Everyone is putting off energy. Choose which kind.

I’m still friends with my old co-workers to this day from the place of once seemingly death and doom as it was before. I hope that you choose to create a better environment for your family, co-workers, business, club, or whatever tribe you are belonging to.

We choose and CREATE our environments!

Our goal should be to always be creating a clean, safe, happy and loving environment for all around us. A place where we can learn to connect, grow, accept and be authentic.

Authenticity comes from creating a safe environment.

Choose to be that environment no matter where you are. Choose to love others for who they are. Choose to pump energy and love into all people, places, and things. Be the happy guy in the subway. Be the one who loves on everyone’s babies and dogs. Be the person who gives the clerk a sincere compliment and brightens their day. Be the person who starts a pay it forward at the coffee shop every day. Be the lightbulb in a dark room. Be the happy co-worker that brings cookies for everyone. (get the little ones so the dieters can still have one) Be the change you want to see in your company, your family, your life. Be the one who starts a tickle or pillow fight when your family is feeling disconnected. Be the one who allows the kids to pick supper and have dessert first. Be the mom who teaches their kids to speak nothing but good into their lives. Be the Best complimenter in the whole room. Make everyone you meet feel like Chuck Norris when they leave your presence. BE THE ONE WHO SAVES THE DAY – EVERY DAY! <3




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