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Character From a Child

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Three Things that the New Generations
should know and Apply to their Life.

“I wanted to write this to help everyone out, especially kids, to help them to model good character in their lives, because that, can help them in many ways.
~ WalkerLee (age 14)

1. Think wisely before action.

One thing that I see every day is people making wrong decisions and the consequences of past wrong decisions coming in pain or sickness. An example that I see in life is lung cancer. Lung cancer was most likely caused from smoking or drugs, but, it is generally an ending result from a decision that was made before. Deciding to smoke or getting hooked to other things, was a choice that someone made, knowing the terrible outcome. You would think the answer should be simple (don’t do it!). But, people think it wont happen to them, they wont be addicted, Maybe they’re thinking of how cool they will be or peer pressure. Instead think about everything but peer pressure, when it involves things like your health, happiness, your friend, or even your pet. Thinking about causes and effects is a very smart idea and can be the difference from a whole different life. I have a bracelet that I wear that says,

“You are only one choice away from a different life.”

That means good or bad. So choose wisely.

2. Take things seriously, if it is serious.

A personal pet peeve of mine is kids distracting other kids in class. I sit intently in class and some kids would distract me. The teacher sometimes doesn’t even notice them. The teacher has to teach. The student needs to learn. The thing is, they are not acting serious in a serious setting. They do not realize that it hurts their grade, it hurts their résumé, it hurts their future, because it will hurt their job and paycheck. They don’t realize that they are also hurting the ones around them as well. My mom always makes us repeat this saying when an example arises…

Nothing You ever Do, Only effects you…

You should however, let loose at the proper times.

3. Be positive at all times.

Being positive isn’t that hard when you apply it in your life. It makes you feel good and amazing inside. Being sad or any other negative emotion releases bad toxins into your body and makes your cells release bad energy. I guess that’s why people say its bad vibes! Anyways, being positive is good not only for you healthfully, spiritually, and mentally, but it helps others around you too. For instance, a smile can change someone’s bad mood. Another way is by helping someone out. That could relieve a ton of stress and put a smile on their face.

Even if you’re not a kid, apply this to you as well and make your children read it to help you and them grow.

Be inspired!

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  1. Mary
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    It is so amazing to see that there are still awe inspiring teens! Walker you are truly destined to do good in this life and help others along the way. Thank you for your message.

  2. Anonymous
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