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We simply can’t keep caring about people who don’t care about themselves or us, we can’t push people who won’t push themselves, we can’t drag people who won’t move! It is exhausting. We can’t keep allowing others to drain our cup simply because they CHOOSE not to refill theirs. We can’t drag people to happiness. We can only offer them Hope. They have to choose it. They have to take the action, and so do we.
Everyone deserves people who value them, and their time. Everyone deserves people who return value to them, and not just take our time, energy and everything else. Everyone deserves a beautiful tribe of people around them who love them, and care for them back.
No one deserves to be taken advantage of, used, or thrown to the side as if they don’t matter. No one deserves to be the back up plan, the one to go to when everyone else is busy, a boredom stopper, or how dare it, a last resort. NO! We are better than that! We DESERVE better than that. But we CHOOSE to let this happen. We CHOOSE who we spend time with, give energy to and love. We need to choose people who bring value as well as value us. We have to make room for them in our lives.
So if you are surrounded by people who take, whine, complain, drain you, and choose you last- MOVE ON. Send them love, prayers, and blessings. Bless and release them- they do not deserve you until they are ready to see your value and their own! Tell them you will be there for them when THEY are ready to fly. But until then, you keep spreading your wings!
No ones journey is the same as ours, know that they may be in a different chapter than you, and support their journey WHEN they choose it. Do not support it when they don’t. Do not support bad decisions to “be a good friend.” Good friends support good decisions and talk you out of bad ones. We want people to feel loved and free and to see themselves as the awesome amazing priceless works of art as we see them.
We can’t force others to look within, we can only give them the tools to do so. Some people are terrified of what they may find! But, It’s their journey. Not our own. Bless and release and let them know you will be a place they can come to when THEY are ready. That is all we can do. Otherwise they just hold us back because they are holding themselves back.
By Blessing and releasing we make room for people to come into our lives that DESERVE us and are at a level we can grow to. Always be reaching up, but never draining to others, give value to everyone you meet and keep those who return value to you, let the ones who don’t float on by… and don’t feel guilty about it. Everyone has the same chance to reach up and out as you do.
Choose you. Choose life over pain, Choose forgiveness over anger, choose happiness over nothingness.
Choose you, because no one else will, nor should they have to. Everyone should be a bonus to our lives. We need to give others space and love to grow with us or on their own. Its their choice. Don’t expect others to give up their journey to pull you in yours, they are too busy trying to choose or NOT choose themselves than to carry you.
Choosing is a choice, It’s all work, both choices. One serves your future, the other destroys it. Choose you. And choose those who are choosing themselves, and walk beside them arm in arm until you are all able to fly. Choose you and share your energy together instead of one draining another.
Give your time to people who value you. Who care enough to see your heart, and your worth, and value your time. Give a glimpse your heart to all, but only share its wholeness with those who will nourish it and help it grow, not those who take it and toss it as its nothing to them.
Give your energy to those who can multiply it and use it as rocket fuel to excel their lives and who return it to yours to do the same. Define boundaries in your life so that people who think of you as just noise, are not wasting your time and energy, so that you can give it to those who think of you as healing, loving and caring. You deserve better than anything less than amazing. <3
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