Healing the soul of the world one heart at a time

Hi, I'm Angielee

I am a heart-first adventurer, animal & people lover, and about ten years ago, I answered the call to heal the Soul of the World by healing and filling one heart’s cup at a time.

I have been mentoring teens and coaching adults for over 20 years. But my life wasn’t always like this. Through terrible traumas and a childhood that would make Stephen King have nightmares, I had to go through a massive healing, releasing, forgiving, and transforming myself. These now healed scars are what help me to be the most loving resource possible for others.

I would love to work with you. You are worthy of so much more than you even know yet, and I am here to help bring put that better-than-best in you: transforming your life, healing one hole in your cup at a time. Whatever your goal or obstacle, I have tools and solutions to help you flow like water through it and become that ocean you were meant to be. The empty cup you have been trying to serve out of is only draining you and the ones you love. Let’s refill it together and relight the fire within so that you are able to serve the world at the massive capacity that you are meant to, then join forces and teach others to do the same. This is what overflowing is all about. Let’s see what we can bring out in you.


Prepare for Change

Tap into courage, strength passion and confidence to overcome any challenge or unexpected change that life throws at you

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Create A Plan For Success

Get clear and focused on the goals and objective that will radically change your life in the next year

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Grow Your Career

Stand out in your profession, learn how to become truly indispensable to your employer and step out of your comfort zone to get what you’re after

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Ignite Passion in Your Relationships

Remove beliefs that are sabotaging you from true connection and discover the key to fulfillment in relationships


Achieve Your Health And Fitness Goals

More energy, more vitality and more accountability from a coach that pushes you. Stay committed for real results and start living the life you desire.

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Become A More Effective Leader

Break through limitations and gain the skills to stay motivated, even in the face of challenge. And learn tools to persuade, inspire and connect with others.



We can’t help the sick, broken or poor by being one of them. It’s time to heal, fill, and overflow your own kind of love into the world in a way that only you can! Are you ready?


Unlimited 15-minute calls to help you break through struggles using tools and solutions provided for you to move through life at super speeds with laser focus and freedom.

Overflow Session $147/hr

This course teaches you how to heal what drains you, remove blockages that stop you, and to fill your life's cup to overflowing so that you can flow forward powerfully and passionately in life, overflowing your own magical goodness into the world so that you can start helping and healing others in the world in a way that only you can; from your own overflow and no longer from an empty cup.

Group Workshop- 3.5 Hours to Unforgettable.
$197 per person

In this powerful and fun-packed workshop, you and some friends will learn how to introduce yourself and each other in a way that no one will forget and have them begging for more! Confidently stand out in a crowd and never be forgotten, ignored, or interrupted again!

Success Stories

Anyone that has come in contact with you cannot help but be enlivened by your spirit and happiness. Through thick and thin your attitude and caring shines through in everything you do. For someone so young you have a sense of compassion coupled with knowledge about just what to say to someone in a trying situation. You’ve helped me through several different life challenges from death in the family, to career advice, to love, divorce, and finding the energy and spirit to Move On. I definitely recommend you to someone in situations that I’ve been in. Thanks so much for being who you are and caring about Others.
Steve S.
Angielee showed me how to be my best, whenever I can! She wants to take less credit than she deserves. Point blank, I would have died if I didn’t reach out to her. She saved my life whether she wants to take credit or not. SHE did. You have no idea how much credit you deserve Angie. You are even listed for my therapist as my reason. Even him for 2 years couldn’t do what you did in our long conversation. He went to school for 12 years. You deserve credit for being exactly who you are. And seeing the true me that I could not see and bringing it out for me. Thank you!
J. Swarm
This girl right here is an adventurous, beautiful bright shining STAR that absolutely rearranged my entire world She is everything and more than the perfect woman should be. The list would be endless if I attempted to write it all down. Every year she grows in wisdom and knowledge of the Lord and all who know her are positively affected by her. I am thankful God put us together because He knew I was in bad shape. I can truly see how much God loves me when I look into her eyes. LOVE YOU!!!!
Jarrod R.
Angie is one of the most dedicated people I know and her smile and radiant energy are contagious. Angie is a heart-centered leader. From mission trips to Africa to her Better Me tribe, Angie always leads with pure, authentic love.
Elizabeth M.