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Collateral Damage

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I watched a video this morning about the people who volunteered to be the first trial patients for a new vaccine for an unknown sickness spreading worldwide in hopes of doing their part to save us all from a truly terrifying situation. 

What brave souls they were/are, and they should be celebrated and marked as heroes. 

Unfortunately, many of those brave souls had terrible reactions to it. The companies disqualified them from continuing the trial study and replaced them with others who didn’t have bad reactions so they could push it through.  

Sort of a placebo effect of data collection, human style. 

Being dropped from the study meant that those harmed were no longer the company’s liability or responsibility. All ties were cut, including the benefits of their promised healthcare and monitoring, should something go wrong. Story after story of how alone they were in it all as the world took a turn for the worst. No one helped them through their illnesses, and their ability to tell anyone, including doctors, anything about what was causing their symptoms was taken with the NDA confidentiality clause in the big stack of forms they signed before they began.

“It’s all in the fine print.” They were told as they tried to get help or warn others.

Mind you, this was the beginning of Covid when no one knew how to treat anyone with it. Everyone who got it was just sent home and wished the best with fear in their hearts. I had the same experience with doctors here in July 2020. They treated us as if we were radioactive. No medicines given, no plan, just stay home, and good luck. They ran from us.. for good reason, too. Everyone was scared. The survival of humankind was at risk, and people were dropping like flies all around us. Some from sickness, some from fear, some from compounding health problems, some from lack of care or the wrong care. I believe that in the beginning, everyone was just trying their best to solve this thing with the knowledge they had for everyone’s betterment and survival. However, they were working on half the story. Imagine if the details hadn’t been hidden, and doctors and scientists could have created a real cure from real data. But again, the data was skewed, and they didn’t know. 

But the brave people in the video still VOLUNTEERED to be the first ones to take an UNTESTED vaccine with a clause that “no company will be held liable when and if it goes wrong.” That took serious guts. 

Whichever side you are on about it– These people sacrificed themselves to save us all. I believe that most of humanity did good things to try to do our part to save the whole world from what we all feared was the plague.

No one could have guessed that the entire thing would soon be used as a tool for hate and separatism and that it was going to turn into a never-ending global political nightmare.

We could never have guessed that this sickness would start the unraveling of the world. Here we are years later, and still, one loose end of corruption after the next exposes deep entanglements and collaborations of powerful people all across the planet. 

People who have been playing a game with us as if they were gods. — and for how long? Now, we are all questioning everything, things that we should have been asking before, things real journalists used to investigate before they were silenced or worse. We got lazy and allowed them to tell us. We didn’t notice when it all became paid advertisements and not the truth. We didn’t notice when the law that kept the news accountable to telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth was reversed, and they became instruments for the highest bidder, telling paid stories with partial facts. 

Now, the world watches worriedly as one player in the game overtakes another by whatever means necessary.  It is like we are all forced to play a political Hunger Games reality show and waiting to see who gets caught in the crossfire this time. It doesn’t hurt them either way.  

We are the collateral damage. 

The corruption is so far beyond our comprehension. Their playgrounds have become our wastelands. All of humanity is being attacked, displaced, and poisoned. We are being sickened in our mind, body, and spirit. Humans all around the world are suffering while little people in big houses on hills work tirelessly to cover up sins, secrets, and scandals. It’s so far beyond the greed of money now. 

Humans are their prize currency now, and they are spending us like monopoly money. 

We all watch and wait, feeling helpless and confused, trapped and overwhelmed until we shut down. We are all trying so hard to see through the narrative being fed to us. Each side is saying the same things towards the others, repeating the scripts word for word that they paid someone to feed us so that we think it was our idea and not theirs. 

Unfortunately, we will probably have to suffer through the next decade as they desperately try to cover up unimaginable, unspeakable, and very unlawful things with such audacious, stupid, and ridiculous distractions. Trying every way they can to get us to fight with one another so we don’t turn on them, the true enemies. They don’t even try to hide it anymore because they still think we are so dumb. But we are not dumb. 

But are we? 

There were/are so many things happening right under our noses. 

Did we know and ignore the signs so that we wouldn’t have to face such awful things and do something about it? Did they numb us out, showing us exactly what they are doing and turning it into the next big blockbuster to sell us so we pay for their sick and twisted transgressions? Have we become so busy that we don’t have time to get involved or put ourselves in danger for someone else… for a stranger?

…as so many people do for us? Like those who took the shot first? They sound like saints to me. 

These people have suffered for trying to do the right thing for all of us, and we should all be doing the right thing and standing up for all of them… IF WE COULD BE SUCH SUPERHEROES. They deserve the honor and respect for the heroes and saints they are. Where are their statues, purple hearts, and names on honor and memorial walls?

I know some people believe they had good results with the shots. Maybe it saved them from getting sick bad or entirely. That is so great– because that should be the goal. But we will never know if their immune systems saved them or the shot because there is no way to measure it. But I’m still happy for anyone who made it through either way. 

But we should not ignore, abuse, or do anything less than help the people who took one for the team and got sick or died so that others could have a shot and maybe live. 

At the very least, these companies should pay the hospital bills and/or funeral costs of those harmed by the shot- especially those in the trial runs, who were the true heroes in helping us survive, not to mention helping the companies make millions. But alas, that would not teach the companies any lessons or prevent them from doing it all again, would it? These people need justice.

Laws were made to protect the companies, not the people, ensuring there was no liability before they released the shot, which should show us just a glimpse of how in cahoots big pharma and politicians around the world are with one another.

No accountability means no justice.

We must demand justice. For the people. For ALL people. 

We know the problems, and more are surfacing every day, So let’s talk about solutions.

I propose each country turn its military, CIA, and FBI equivalents inward and have them protect the people of the countries they serve, even from their leaders, if needed, that they become a military of justice. That we pour money into a new proper justice system without political influence. Just good old right and wrong. Do good, or pay the price. 

Then comes the good stuff. We arrest the bad guys, shut down the companies they created, and give the gift of prison time to all involved in the coverup. 

That way, all of the good people who do good things can start good companies and carry their knowledge forward without the corruption. Then, just like at the beginning of all of this, we can all come together as kind and more helpful people in the world, where all of humanity matters; the earth and all who live in it care for one another and we always do what’s right so love can lead again. 

There HAS to be accountability. 

This is why justice MUST be served. 

But, to arrest everyone who was involved in the scandals would mean… we would have to arrest most media, politicians, judges, police, and every Big-Everything and their goons. Basically, arresting everyone who shook hands in agreement to do bad things and those who carried them out knowingly harming others should receive appropriate time for their crime. Luckily, I don’t believe we would need to build bigger prisons. I believe we will find that it is the same 200 or so people involved in the deep corruption that’s unfolding globally. 

I vote for a televised survival social experiment-type of jail. No posh prisons or house arrests in the Hamptons. Instead, let’s drop them off in the real world amongst real people with real struggles. Let them try and work their way up through the world like the rest of us with no trust funds or extra houses, no help from outside places where every dollar is earned and stretched far beyond their belief. 

They must earn and do everything for themselves. Let’s see if they can make it in our world with our limited resources and unreasonable taxes, working multiple jobs at a time at minimum wage, praying they have enough money to pay rent and bills, buy overpriced gas and food, and maneuver the real challenges of living a real life like the rest of us. Not to mention raising kids and trying to keep shoes on their ever-growing feet with no help and no nannies. And if they want to fight through the impossible assistance programs they pretend to provide for us to fulfill fake promises for votes, let them.

After seeing what life is like on both sides of the tracks, they must present a detailed report of what they have learned when they are done serving their time to their entire nation. Then, hopefully, they will spend the rest of their lives doing good deeds to make the world a better place and undo the negative ripple effect they created by doing so much bad in the world. And the rest of us do the same in our spare time to rebalance the world.  

It would be interesting to see how many decide they like the simple life better and never want to go back on that “hill.”

We could sell subscriptions to a live feed for us to watch. This would blow only fans out of the water. We could call it Only Bans and use the money to stop all the terrible things happening in the world that they created. Human trafficking, drugs, child abductions, sex slavery.   

All. The. Things. 

The live feed would also help keep them accountable for their actions. After all, bad habits are hard to break… so they say.

Let all their assets be sold off, and use the money to properly pay pay the new justice military to fix everything they broke and bring the missing home.

It would undoubtedly be a big shift in the world and a better one indeed, too. The soul of the world could heal, the fires inside us could be sparked, and we could all create little companies doing our soul’s work to make the world a better place. The little guy could have a chance to shine again, and the dreams of humanity could come back alive without being squashed by big corporations.

I believe that from here on, all of the leaders of this world should be transparent in their dealings with all meetings televised and quarterly budget reports sent to the citizens of where our taxes are going. Shoot, maybe let us choose what our taxes go to and prove that it went there. 

This is why justice MUST be served. 

There HAS to be accountability for those who harm others and a precedent set for all people to think again before doing bad things that harm others in the future.

Let’s bring our military home from fights that bad guys started so they could get rich off of the suffering of others and get back to protecting us and let them go get the missing!

And let’s celebrate all the unsung heroes of today’s time. The doctors and scientists who tried to tell the truth. The police who tried to keep the peace. The teachers who tried to explain what was happening in the world over Zoom calls with their students. The parents who had to manage it all somehow. The nursing home workers, the funeral home directors, the famous and influential people who tried to encourage us and do what was right during this time. They should be celebrated.  

And I celebrate you. You made it through. You are still here. You choose to keep going and doing your part to be an everyday hero for the rest of us. Thank you. 

What happens to one of us, happens to all of us.


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