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All of you know that this is not a political site, It is a safe space of love, hope, and inspiration and I plan to keep it that way. But, can we share some ideas with each other to help save America, and ultimately the world? Even if you do not live here, you know that what happens to one of us, affects all of us. The world needs to be united in love and start caring for each other, we should be there by now. Humanity is at stake. I have some ideas below I would like to share, and I invite you to share your ideas (in love) with me and the rest of the tribe in the comment section below.

“For it is in ideas shared in love
that we can come and grow together.”

Our hearts are breaking as this country and the world become a place of division, confusion, blame, and hate. Discrimination of any kind should never be tolerated, not by us or anyone else, and it certainly shouldn’t be celebrated. The fear and hate spread by media and our supposed leaders have caused us to go into fight or flight, aka survival mode, making us all act irrationally, do things, say things, we would never imagine us doing. Wishing harm on one another all because we are consumed by the seeds of hate that this really hard time and evil people have planted in us.

This version of us is not our truth, this is not what our country or world should be either. C’mon, guys, we are better than this, aren’t we? We are getting caught up in petty squabbles, fighting, name-calling, hurting each other, but let me ask you where does it end? Are we holding ourselves accountable to the same rules we are placing on others? Most aren’t. We have absorbed the fear-mongering and are now giving it to each other in the forms of malice, name-calling, hate, and blame.

Blame is not taking responsibility for oneself or one’s actions. The only way to save our country, our world, is to end the blame, and each of us takes responsibility for our part in this. And we all had a part in this, even me, even you, even “them.”

The thing that made America what it is, is the ability to work hard and achieve any dream imagined. It was a collective understanding of each other that we need one another, that we are all doing the best we can, and what one person can’t do, another can we that alone we are strong but together we are unstoppable.

We all have the same choice to follow the golden rule. To do unto others as we would have them do unto us, to treat others how we want to be treated. To respect others, especially those older and wiser than you. To not judge but instead “Walk a mile in another man’s shoes” to not assume and instead to ask and see what their side of the story is,  I bet we would all be more understanding of one another if we could see a different perspective.  

If we wouldn’t like it to be done to us,
we shouldn’t do it to others.

We should all be playing by the same rules that we expect others to live by. 

At least, that’s what I taught my children. So ask yourself America, would you like whatever you are doing, saying, thinking to be done, said, thought about you? Would you stand for what is happening to the “other guy” to happen to your guy? Would you like what is being said/done/thought about your race/gender/religion/political party to be said or done to yours? Would you like the names you are calling others to be called to you, your children, your mother, and your father?

If the answer is No to any of these then you should stop doing them. 

The sayings, Be the change you want to see, Follow the golden rule, have become so cliché, that we don’t even get the meaning to them anymore. But, have you heard that “You can’t hate up close?” Brene Brown said it. We MUST stop long enough to look deep into each other’s eyes so we can see the heart and feel the soul once again. Remember that they are people too. We are all mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, children, ever-growing and changing works-in-progress, fragile beings, and precious souls too.

We are carrying this collective pain inside, pain caused by ourselves and everyone else. Spewing hate and blame, keeping the fire going, giving more pain to each other instead of giving forgiveness and love. Why? What does that solve? Where is the line? To what end?

It is almost like our parents (the government) are in the messiest, toxic, fowl divorce ever and we, the kids (the American people, and the people of the world) are being used as weapons to hurt one another. Do you know who loses in this war? EVERYONE. We are allowing this. We must stop being pawns in another man/woman’s war. 

Would it not save time, lives, hearts, souls, and money to just put the people who are actually fighting in a ring together with Sock’m Boppers and let them duke it out? (if you don’t know what Sock’m Boppers are- they are ridiculously huge boxing gloves filled with air.) Let me ask you America, and the world, would you not pay big money to see that? What if the ticket sales went to help save the planet and not to any one entity? Wouldn’t that be a win-win?

Both sides of this are wrong. We must choose the third side, and that is the side of love.

We need to have more wins in today’s time. We have had loss after loss here and I feel we are all losing hope. We must never lose hope. We do have the power to stop this war of madness. We must draw our own moral line in the sand and never allow anyone to make us cross it. Where is your line? Mine is to be a beacon of love, stand up for what is right, to never treat anyone in a way that I wouldn’t be treated.  With all the blurred lines, how do we even know what is right or wrong any more? Simple.

If you wouldn’t want it happening to you, don’t do it to others. 

Why are we taking this complete injustice out on each other, when we had nothing to do with it? We need to turn our hate into a passion to fight for what is right. How can we let two squabbling political parties allow us to destroy each other? We the people need to remove the “Us vs Them” mentality and realize it is a good vs evilright vs wrong war instead. Choose to do what is right over all else. Discrimination, division, violence, hate, name-calling, or harming others is never the right thing to do. Standing up and demand justice, equality, and love. That is always the right thing to do. 

Over the years we have annihilated our constitution, changing the rules of all for the personal gain of a few. It has been rewritten so many times that maybe it’s time to go back to the basics and start again, yes some things were outdated and needed changing, but for the most part, it is a good document. If you haven’t read it, read it here.  

We ignored the warning signs of what is happening today, we allowed lines to be blurred so much that we can not even see where they are anymore. We stopped seeking the truth. It is as if the media sold their soul to the all mighty dollar, and they no longer follow the laws of honor, integrity, and honesty that were set up to protect us from misinformation, way back in the days of Hitler. Read this article, about how they bought the media to silence the people who said anything different than the nazi agenda, we all know how that turned out. Let us not make the same mistake again.

Today’s media have stopped being information givers, with data and unbias reporting. Instead, they have turned into commentary commercials to push the ideas of powerful, wicked, and greedy people. They can twist the truth, edit videos and pictures, to make it look like their storyline is true. You guys, I’m a graphic designer and photographer, trust me when I say, never believe a picture. I can give anyone the body of their dreams, and a pet dinosaur on a leash beside them if they like… but it doesn’t make it true.

Now we have big tech erasing people’s thoughts, ideas, businesses so that the only “truth” we can find is the one they want us to see. This should worry us all. Sure, they may be taking down someone you don’t like today, but tomorrow it will be you. Who can find the real story of anything anymore?— Where will this madness end? Who can stop it? We can. We, the people, must do something to change this.

The thing that makes the world advance is the sharing of ideas, thoughts, and opinions,
which in turn creates better ideas, thoughts, and opinions!

We must unite as one people and demand honesty, integrity, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth from our governments, from each other, from ourselves. But first, we must take a step back, wayyyyyy back, and clear the seeds of corruption that have been planted in our hearts and minds until we can see and love each other, our beautiful country, and our beautiful world once again, hopefully making it far better than it has ever been. A nation truly united, not divided for agendas, greed, power, and corruption.

The first things that need to be removed, are the laws that ALLOW and even encourage corruption; The ones that nullify our own government and lawmakers not to be held accountable nor prosecuted for breaking the very laws that they set out for us to follow. There are laws making the members of our government not held accountable for anything they say or do. Now, why would that be put in place if not for the use of corruption? if there’s a valid reason, I can’t see it.

I would bring back the law that forces the news to tell the 100% truth or be shut down need to come back. Anyone is welcome to have an opinion show, at a different time or space, but the news needs to be data and informing based.  The incredibly bias-censorship on personal social media needs to be removed. The censorship should instead be used for good, like ending the child and sex trafficking rings- which I believe they could in an instant if they “wanted” to. Again, if a rule is there then everyone must follow it, not just this and that person. 

It is up to us, as the people, to hold these leaders of our country and our world accountable. We need to demand fairness and transparency from all of our leaders. Everything they say and do, every bill they pass, every dime they spend, every meeting they have should be 100% public record. Their meetings should be televised for us all to see. We must demand honesty, integrity, ethics, competency, safety, and a higher quality of service from our leaders to honor and serve our great nation like they should already be doing.

No one should be above or below the law because of position, title, wealth, race, or gender.

Everyone who lives here or even visits should be following the same laws, the same rules, have the same integrity, pay the same taxes, receive the same benefits, be given the same opportunities, and have the same choices. Period. Everyone should have the option to serve this great nation, as it is (should be) serving us, full circle.

The leaders and lawmakers should be a shining example for us to follow, not an embarrassment to the world. They should be a representation of the BEST of us. Not the worst. We need to remove the laws that have been put in place that prevent real honest people from running for leadership positions, instead of only allowing the richest man to win.

Our whole election process should be run with the most integrity, allowing us to vote for the best people for the job. Race, gender, wealth status is irrelevant. The candidate’s experience, qualifications, and plans for this country are what should be shown. Attacking one another should be illegal. Not one time did I hear what a candidate was going to do for our country, only attacks against the other guy, yet both parties were accusing the other of the exact same things. 

I believe our whole system needs to be revamped. I think we need an equal 3 or 5 party system (always an odd number, so we are not sucked into the us-vs-them war-. This alone would end most of the tension and drama for our country every four years). I believe everyone who wants to better the country should be allowed to run if they are qualified to do so (aka no criminal background). Imagine having to decide between 10 GREAT choices instead of picking the least of 2 evils as we have had to do for the last few elections. May the best man/woman win, and the 1st runner up to be his/her vice president (as it used to be).

Here’s the real twist-I believe the top people elected from each party should be leading our government together. They should all be in the room, each bringing their head, heart, and different ideas for solving the problem at hand as each will be passionate about different things, making it a more complete and whole solution. I believe all meetings should be publically televised, even the discussion process, so that we can all see and hear why some ideas work and some simply won’t. But ideas beget more ideas, and masterminding moves mountains. This will ensure the government that we elect are there for all of our benefit, not just their own. It will also keep them speaking on our behalf– in turn bringing trust back to our nation.

Imagine watching our leaders create a safe space to have honest, open conversations with each other, listening intently to each other’s ideas, opinions, and allowing each other to add a new and possibly better layer to their idea until it becomes the right answer, a full solution for the betterment of all. Will it teach people how to do the same? I would hope so. But we have the choice to do that right now to create this space for one another and ultimately create an entirely new and better nation for us all. Finding common ground and good between ideas and creating new ones is how we move forward together as a human race.

Transparaency ends corruption.

Unfortunately, the media and our leaders have created division like none I’ve ever seen, all for clicks, ratings, the almighty dollar, tearing us down for their own personal gain as well as to distract and hide some shady things that are really going on. When money means more to them than us, it should make you question their intentions.

They have caused — NO —we have ALLOWED them– to cause us to turn on each other simply because of a difference of opinions; I have even seen people cut precious people from their lives, destroying long-time friendships and families..for an opinion. We CHOSE to no longer allow one another to voice personal beliefs, thoughts, share our experiences, or even speak our truths without getting called names, attacked, or blocked out of each other’s lives. C’mon yall, are we not grown-ups? We should be able to verbally talk and work things out with each other, share ideas, and come to new conclusions to make this world a better place, as should our leaders.

There is no trust, integrity, or respect anymore.

But we can choose again. Despite who did what, who hurt, lied, cheated, manipulated, corrupted, killed…. WE HAVE THE CHOICE to choose better, do better, speak better, think better, and share ideas to CREATE BETTER.

The past should teach us how to have a better future- but it can’t if the truth is hidden from our history.

We can blame the government all day long, but ultimately it comes down to being our choice to act this way. WE HAVE BECOME THE THING WE ARE AGAINST.


It was OUR choice to close our hearts and minds and ignore ALL the shady business That has been happening for wayyyy longer than four years that finally came to a head because evil stopped hiding. It no longer has to; it has created such distrust and confusion. It’s like them slapping you in the face and making you believe I did it when I wasn’t even there. But y’all, open your eyes- WE CHOOSE WHAT WE BELIEVE!

I would even go as far as to say the media has become evil’s megaphone.

Not one media outlet is speaking unbiased truth, which is their actual job. Talk shows are there for opinions; the news is supposed to be facts. Full facts, and nothing but the facts. Not half-truths, nor flat out lies – Instead, all are bringing their own personal opinion and let’s be frank -hate- into the “news” as if it’s truth.

The only thing true in this world is Love.

We, the people, need to be demanding to be put first. We first have to heal and seal our own hearts- by remembering to Love and care for one another. We must bring back Love to humanity.

Love our neighbors as ourselves, love our country as it loves and cares for us. We must bring pride in our work back, and only use the system to help those who really need it, not those who are too lazy to go find their purpose and follow their dreams- it is limiting us as a people when we kill the American dream.  

Everyone should be out there, making the world a better place instead of feeling hopeless and broken at home. We need to get back to doing the right thing and feel safe enough to adopt an expectation that everyone wants to do the right thing for us as we do them, to be a part of the good, a part of the solution. That is what my America looks like. To have each other’s backs because our leaders, media, food & medical system certainly don’t. 

The crap that has been happening for the last 15 years+ and is finally coming to a head. Pay attention; each side is calling and accusing the other of the EXACT SAME THINGS! You have heard the saying, “There is no honor among thieves,” it’s because if someone will lie, cheat, and steal from someone else, they will do it to you. Most of the bad people end up destroying each other. Let’s not become part of the bad people. Let’s stand up for justice, honesty, and doing the right dang thing again!

Flip through the news channels; they each say the OPPOSITE of each other. Who is telling the truth? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Nobody even knows anymore.

As a nation, we have traded in honesty and integrity for opinions that align with our own. We then turn around and fuel a fight that isn’t ours because it isn’t real. It’s all a distraction. We must take a step back and listen. 

Insanity has taken over, and we have been feeding off of it because it creates the same chemicals in our body as highly addictive drugs like meth! Don’t be a junkie! Detach! Unplug! Turn all of it off for a week so that you can hear your own spirit again. Your spirit already knows the truth, but we haven’t been able to hear it for all the noise being fed to us. The government and media don’t want us to be able to think, so they keep us in shock/fight-or-flight/survival mode- so that we stay addicted to them. Unplug the toxins from your veins.

Turn off the media. Clear the noise. Stop and think.  Listen to your soul.

Seperatly, each of us have to stop the noise,
heal and seal our hearts with truth and love,
and show our leaders what we expect and demand it together.
But we have to be the change we want to see,
and WE collectively and have to go first.

Our trust is broken; we no longer feel safe, and it is time to change that.

We can choose to be a source of Love and truth, a safe space for others.
We can choose to seek the truth, speak the truth, and see the truth.

We must choose love so that we can be safe. Someone has to go first. I will start. I love you; no matter your thoughts or opinions, I will always choose to be a beacon of love and never hate. Hate is not allowed in my presence; you have the choice to be near me or not with your actions; you can be nice now or come back later when you can be nice and show Love. But either way, I will love you, up close or from afar.

So America, drop the gloves, step out of the ring, and let the big guys duke it out on their own, let’s stop playing into their wars, where we lose our lives and livelihoods while they sit in posh chairs with their umbrella drinks watching us fight their battles for their entertainment. Instead, let’s come together and fight for each other, against those who are against us. Let’s bring back hope to our nation, to our children, to the world. We do have the power to change this, but doing nothing, is doing nothing.  

You are Love; I am Love, you are loved; therefore, I am loved.

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave is what our country is supposed to be. Let that braveness be in the heart of every single one of us! Let us create a nation of kindness, love, hope, and prosperity. One that is even better than ever before.


Let’s our show our kids how to see the truth, speak the truth, seek truth, and be brave and stand up against evil. May we teach them to be the light and shine the truth on all the shady things and call them out- exposing and ending corruption and evil in it’s tracks. 


May we all become purpose workers doing good, following our passions, supporting others in theirs and diligently, unconditionally doing the right thing. May we all become something to be proud of again and bring America into her glory, the loving light to the world as she is meant to be. May we all learn from this and forever choose love over hate, faith over fear. Kindness over judgement.

We love you, America, come back to us.

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  1. Derek Patterson
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    I’m Canadian. I live right on the border between Ontario and Michigan. Most of us spend (spent) a great deal of time ‘crossing the river’. And we’re all wondering ‘what in heck is going on over there?’

  2. bettermetribe
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    We are wondering the same unfortunately!

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