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Who do you say I am?
Matthew 16:15,

What do you believe? Write it down. Exactly what, no maybe’s, no could be’s, not what someone else has told you to believe. But what you believe? Deep down in your heart, without a doubt. What do you believe?

Define your own Definite’s

Define it, Decide it, Believe it. Live by it.

We are all given this most amazing gift called free will. God allows us to CHOOSE to Love Him, He chooses to let us choose. Yes, He could force it. Yes, He could make it where it is not an option. But is it not more beautiful that He lets us choose?

Would you rather someone love you because they HAVE to or because they CHOOSE to? 

One thing that is a definite. He loves us regardless. Regardless if we let Him down over and over, regardless if we choose everything else on the planet except Him. He waits patiently, lovingly, watching us and waiting for us to call on Him. Oh, how it pains Him when we choose a path that leads us away or if we choose to ignore Him or deny Him completely. But He ALLOWS it. That doesn’t mean that He love us any less when He allows us to choose pain. It means He is waiting for us to call on Him, waiting to save us from pain. Just as a loving parent waits for a child, teaches a child and allows them some small pains to learn lessons. Pain, after all, is the best teacher.

Life with Him in it is so much better than Life without him.

I love meeting people who believe in different things than me. I love asking questions, learning their hearts, their cultures, their beliefs.  Does it mean I love them any less because I believe differently? NO! My God teaches me to be  Christ-like, which means to love and respect everyone.  To spread Love, Joy, Peace, Kindness, Understanding, and Compassion to everyone. Even when you get two people together who claim the same religion will have a little bit of a different belief because God allows us to worship Him in the ways that speak to each of our hearts and Souls. When we act as though our beliefs are better, smarter, or more righteous than another’s beliefs, we turn them away. And that is the worst thing we can do. That is NOT what my Bible says to do. On the other side of that, just because one person misinterprets a religion or becomes an extremist and uses “religion” to justify their own gain or evil behavior. We should not assume All people of that religion are the same. We are to Love ALL. Even if we feel they are wrong.

“If anyone causes one of these little ones–those who believe in me–to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea”. ~Jesus in Matthew 18:6

There are people all around the planet who love share their beliefs and hear about yours. Talk with them, allow them to ask questions, and you ask them as well. Of course, be respectful it cordially, earnestly and honestly. It’s quite fascinating really. Get to know people of other cultures. It’s very beautiful. It is not our Job to judge others, nor to tell them we are right or they are wrong, ever! We should never condone others for their beliefs, traditions, or cultures, nor force ours upon them. It is simply our job to Love. That is all.

We should only see people by their hearts.

People should also see our hearts in ALL that we do and say, and when our hearts are pouring out in Love for others as Christ taught us, they will see it. Then when are ready, if they feel that they too want the joy and love that we are given so freely, that we freely pour into others, when they are seeking that joy, THEN they will come to us asking for it. If we do not show it to them, then they won’t will they. Our love for others should always be planting seeds of lights in others souls. Our beliefs may not be so different after all!

Sometimes I come across atheists, they see the difference in me. They usually compliment my kindness noticing that I am different, I am kind, I am compassionate, I am real, they usually say that I am a “breath of fresh air”… They ask wat is different about me and I tell them I am a Christian. I am very careful to not preach at people. And then the tables turn…  there is usually a good 5-minute angry argument on their side of why I’m a fool and the usual world disasters blaming God for all wrong things and I calmly listen… They WANT me to fight. they WANT me to argue, They want to upset me to make me feel the anger inside that they have. I don’t, I won’t. I just calmly, wait out the storm. Trying to understand their pain. It intrigues them. I am not and never will hate on atheists as no one should.  I personally have a few atheist friends now and have not met many that didn’t read me the riot act in the beginning. Most of them love to argue,  they get so worked up and have their walls so high that they can not, and will not listen to anything once the word Jesus is mentioned.

People fear what they do not understand

To talk with others who believe different or not at all, we have to be patient and loving. Their war is not with us, it is inside of them. We should not worry, We should not fight. It is a war inside of them that is far greater than any of us. A war as old as time. We are to love them, no matter what. Do what you can to not argue, to not get upset. Just know in your heart that it isn’t about us. It is about them. Maybe say prayers for them to open their hearts when they are done and hear your side. Let God fight the battle. He does a much better job. As for us, we should calmly wait, listen, try to understand their pain. Let them get it all out, everything that is deep down inside, usually they experienced a tragedy that they feel wouldn’t have happened if God were real. Maybe they lost a loved one, or have experienced pain beyond measure and need someone to blame. God can take it, He stands there, He takes the punches, He takes the hurtful words that are said, He loves us anyways and we should so the same with the meanest of people for they need it the most.

Being an Athiest does not take away the pain, it takes away the Hope.

– Walter Wesley

Truth is, it’s not about religion, it’s about the relationship. It doesn’t matter what anyone else believes, It matters that you know what you believe, and why. There is no reason you can not be great friends because of a difference in culture or religion. You Decide where your faith lies. Decide what YOU believe. It is a personal decision that ONLY YOU can make FOR you. You can not make it for someone else, nor can they make it for you. Your life should reflect your beliefs without speaking a word. Your parents can’t decide for you, you can not decide for your kids. You can’t shove it, force it, throw it, nor capture someone with it. God gave us ALL Free will inside of us. We are called to LOVE everyone. We don’t have to like what they do but we should love them for who they are. Because God made them, and God don’t make no junk. Even if they don’t believe in Him is still there.  No matter how we interpret Him, He is never changing, all-loving Creator of the Universe. Maybe they don’t know who He is yet. Help them find out who they are, who He is, and what they believe in their own hearts through love. Not through hate.

Hate never solved any problem. Only Love.
Love and only Love conquers all.

Find someone to love extra hard today. Especially the ones who need it most! <3

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