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Get this “Life thing” down! Start your days on YOUR  TERMS, waking up BEFORE the alarm clock goes off,  Setting your Intention for the day BEFORE the day sets the intention for you. Gett your reading in, your quiet time and meditations in, spending time with just you and God. Then give your self the gift of getting an amazing workout in and maybe some writing done all before 8:00 am. – MY how your life will change!! Every single day things will get better, mornings will get easier and your whole life will start to shine!

OLD ME: groggy, grumpy, rolley polley til noon- procrastination til 3- oh no the days almost gone- cram session before family gets home – and it extending it til beyond normal bed- time and stress galore and missing out to on the family time that I was craving for in the first place.

Forgetting to eat all day, then gorging at night like its my last meal on earth- Staying up late to “finish” all the things I should have done- then being too stressed out and too overwhelmed to sleep. Then too tired to get up and start same horrible habits tomorrow. This was my vicious cycle that I felt “STUCK” in. I’m sure that you can relate to this in your own way. One day you will get sick of this hamster wheel and BREAK FREE FROM IT ALL! 

To do that you have to CHOOSE- to make some changes in your life. Set up your “Perfect Day”- Schedule it as if NOTHING were going to go wrong and derail you. Then start working towards that!

NEW ME: Wake up refreshed, ready to tackle the day, getting into the “Non-Negotiables” of my Day, which are set for me. Reading, Workout, Time with the Lord. Listening to life enhancing- Podcasts, conference calls or audio books during workouts instead of useless mind numbing music. Learning to FUEL my body properly and learning how Food controls my energy and productivity levels-more than I ever knew! The Fuel you use controls your ENTIRE Success levels! Now My whole days revolve around encouraging others through my writing, artwork, personal encouragement and love. Spending time with family and going to bed early- after reading some sort of “positive spiritual book” and sleeping amazingly.

I worked very hard to get here- small shifts in my attitude, behaviors, nutrition, and daily routines have made MASSIVE impacts in my life. I went from a 90 hr work week – working 3 full-time jobs to shifting things in the right directions, giving up things that were not suiting me, I stopped trading time for money and learned that by helping others that all my needs would be met! It took a great step out in faith, but it was so worth it. I still have my “job” that I enjoy, It is now part time and the rest of the time I spend building my future with life enriching activities and building residual income.  You can too. You can be anything you want. Just start making shifts. #BetterMeTribe #ChooseToChange

SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS! Set your Non-Negotiables for the day. CHOOSE to be amazing. Procrastination HAS NO Business in your life anymore. Out with the old, In with the new! buh bye- old me! Do me a favor and GET LOST!


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