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What’s holding you back? Life, Bills, Time, Energy, Kids, you name it, I have heard it all before. I have used the same excuses myself, many, many times. But NOT ANYMORE. I have learned the power of Goal setting, and more importantly, Goal DOING! Write them down and knock them out. Your life will be so much more enriched- I guarantee it.

What excuses do you need to drop at the door? What are limiting beliefs you holding onto that are holding you back? They’re all just excuses.

Life is meant to be lived, and lived fully.

The only thing stopping us in ourselves, our limiting beliefs, our own self-unworthiness. We are so worthy to live a full life, we are even more than worthy it’s our duty! We should be living for those who can’t, who didn’t get the chance to or whose lives were cut short. We should be playing, laughing, having fun, making friends, meeting strangers. We should be infusing our lives with exciting and daring things, we should be pushing our limits.

So today. Write your list- start with 100 things you would like to do, big or small, and every birthday add however many years old you are worth of things to that list, so If you’re 33 then you add 33 things you want to do this year! And so on. After you write them all out, start putting them on the calendar, start giving them deadlines. Don’t let yourself down, you are worth it. Just as you wouldn’t want to let someone else down, stick to the goals, don’t put it off. you will never regret having fun.  Tell us some things on your list in the comments below! We would love to hear them, and maybe, we can inspire each other to add more to our lists! <3




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