Don’t Assume

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Never Assume. Ask questions. Get answers. But, never, ever, ever, assume.

assume |əˈso͞om| verb
Suppose to be the case, without proof, judge, guess according to our own views, and react accordingly.
To make a “joke” out of you and me. (you can fill in the real word ;))

Just think of how many problems in our lives have been created by misunderstandings. How much trouble and drama has been caused! How many break-ups of families, marriages, friendships, bands, businesses, nations even! How much easier would life be for us all, how much trouble we could avoid if we just all made this one simple agreement to….

Stop Assuming

When we assume we imagine a false reality, and when we act upon the assumption, we CREATE the false reality we assumed.

When we assume things 99.9% of the time we will be wrong. Never assume anything. Do your own research, ask questions, follow up. Don’t just believe what someone else said, don’t go on or react to others opinions or assumptions. Let’s face it, they’re opinion is probably based on someone else’s opinion which is probably an assumption anyways! eeekkkk!

Let’s also agree to not believe everything we read, hear or even see, especially if it’s on social media or the news. Look for truth. Dig deeper, know what you believe, and why you believe it all the way to the roots. Go to the source of everything. Ask Questions. Get answers. For yourself. Not for anyone else. For you.

When we assume, we react on our assumption
and usually, make complete fools out of ourselves!

Once upon a time there was integrity in the news and media, in politicians, in leaders, in people, and we could trust them and believe what they said. We could believe that they had our best interest at heart and wanted what is best for all. Those days are long gone. We have to seek truth for ourselves. Now all we get on media is the PAID opinions of others, and bigotry abounding.  People using the “freedom of speech” act to lie, be rude, and downright horrible to each other,  instead of to speak love, life, and truth into others. It’s so sad and maddening! But…

We can not control others,
but we can control ourselves
and make sure that everything
we say and do is full of integrity, love and truth.

We live in a society that assumes almost everything, We assume that because it’s on Facebook or the news that it’s real, that it’s truth. We assume that because one person of a group is bad the whole group is bad. We assume and judge all of a race, religion, or society because of one person. Is that fair? Would we want that done to us? Let’s be real, there is always at least one bad nut on a tree. Does that mean we should cut the whole tree down? NO! Shoot we all have at least one bad nut in our family! Would you want your whole family judged by the one bad nut? I would hope not! Are you the bad nut? (that’s another story for another day!)

When we judge, we are assuming.

Don’t judge, that is putting others into your box, and they simply don’t fit!  Don’t be a blind-follower (a “Band-wagoner” I call it), and definitely don’t be the one who acts or reacts to the opinions or assumptions of others. When we think through others heads, it is never a good thing. And for some, it’s quite limiting.

Here are some other examples of assumptions we make sometimes that we should probably stop… And I’m sure you can think of more, add them to the comments if so, and help another tribe member out! 

  • Don’t assume that because a person made a bad decision that they are a bad person. Ask them the circumstances. You may have done the same thing or worse even!
  • Don’t assume that because one person didn’t like us that no one will like us.
  • Don’t assume that because you had fear doing something once, that you can never do it again.
  • Don’t assume that because someone was mean to you, that they hate you. You never know what they were going through that day. 99% of the time if someone treats you bad then it has nothing to do with you.

When we focus on the bad, that is all we will find.
Focus on the good in the world
and that is what you will find.

Look at the media, It teaches us so many bad habits! When they find a story about one thing bad, suddenly 10 similar stories come out of the woodworks. It’s because that is what they are focusing on and unfortunately it’s 99% negative.

Are we focusing on the Negative or the Positive in things?
Find the Positive in All things!


Even when something bad happens, find 3 things good about it.

For example: So you got pulled over, Focus on the good:

  1. You could have gotten in a week down the way and you were being protected.
  2. Something bad would have happened at work if you had been there earlier.
  3. It gives you the chance to see that the cops are actually here for your protection. Knowing that if you were to get in an accident at that speed you would die.

Whatever the situation, try to find the good in all things! 

Try This:

Imagine the life of the person you’re assuming something about for a minute. Imagine that in this case the cop probably has a really hard job, imagine when he pulls people over and they are drunk or high or abusive and they have kids in the back seat and how much it hurts his heart to see that. Think about the hard decisions he has to make every day. That he is going to have to probably bust up a family because the parents choose drugs over their children. Imagine how every time he pulls someone over his life is in danger. He never knows if the person is unstable or hiding drugs or going to shoot him just for doing his job.

Walk a mile in a mans shoes to see his side,
walk ten miles to see the whole story.

So many of us are not seeing the whole story in anything, Judging one another instead of trying to understand their story, where they come from, why they do or think or protect themselves the way they do. Give people the benefit of the doubt, just as you would want them to do for you if you were faced with a tough decision. Don’t assume.

I personally believe 99% of people are good. I do my best to pull out the good in all people. Now, they may not always do good things, but honestly, who doesn’t make mistakes? We don’t know their situation at the time, we don’t know what they are going through or had to overcome any more than they know ours! Let’s not be so quick to judge and assume that someone or something is bad. Let’s send them love, grace, and respect and shine our lights on them and do what we can to try to understand where they come from, and to help all we meet.

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