Eat According to Your Goals

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You are what you eat.

We all know by now that our health 100% related to our nutrition and activity levels. They say Abs are made in the kitchen and all the other cliché quotes. But they do in fact have merit. For our best selves we need to concentrate on making good choices, be it exercise a little longer, or pass not that second helping of pasta. They say our health is 80% nutrition and 20% Exercise.  Here at BetterMeTribe we have searched the whole world though it seems testing and trying out the FAD diets, trends, and plenty of companies who claim to have the best. We have researched and researched everything we could find on what is best for health, for building lean muscle and gaining health. We were researching it for us. We knew we didn’t feel right, we were tired and lethargic all the time. We knew there had to be a better way.

We all know that food is not what it used to be. So even if you “think” you are eating clean, being good, doing your best its nearly impossible these days. Most of our foods are full of chemicals, grown in labs, genetically modified, and now thanks to science most of our produce now has round up in it- yayyy…. Our Protein is not what it used to be either. Our livestock is stuffed full of hormones and chemicals and grown so fast that the animals can’t even walk. Scary scary stuff when you look into it. It can make you scared to eat anything really!

We have however found something amazing that has really worked for us. and Never want to go back to anything else! It has stood the test of time for us.  As we are a very busy  family and simply don’t have time to waste chasing clean food,  nor have time to undo at the table all we did in the gym! It has definitely worked for us.

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