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As I get older I realize how much nature is a reflection of our lives. Let’s take a moment to look at the life of the Butterfly and compare it to our own life cycle.

First we all start out in this world as a mere egg. We hatch and become caterpillars per say… One would think that we are caterpillars until we are big enough to walk but no. We are caterpillars until we bust out of the mundane and learn to fly.

Next is the Caterpillar. Our parents teach us how to survive, that is after all their main objective…  your survival is their most important concern.  It’s quite the task. We crawl through our lives, just trying to get by, trying not to get stepped on, eaten or captured. It’s engrained in us to “just survive”.

Caterpillars molt several times as they grow and so do we. We molt around 4, 10, 14, 16,18,19,20 and so on. We can not see the magic wings growing on the inside, but we can sure feel them. Our souls start to cry out saying “there has to be more to life”. Our restless spirit is where our wings start growing. I really believe the molting happens quicker as our souls cry out that it is time to fly.

Third Stage is where changes start to happen, the Chrysalis: We tend to go though this restlessness as our molting comes quicker and quicker upon us and we either change or pretty much shut down. We feel stuck in our lives and at first we try to accept the things the way they are even though there is a restlessness inside of us that refuses to quit. Some times the monotony of life shadows it but it’s still there. Deep inside. That fire, that desire, that restlessness, those dreams to fly, to be more, it calls us in our sleep, it calls us at dinner, when were driving, it gets stronger and stronger.

Inside we are changing, the spirit (wings) are growing. As much as we try to hush it and hold it back, the world tries to keep us grounded, it can not and will not be contained. A metamorphosis is happening inside of us all. The sooner we stop trying to fight it. And let it happen the happier we will be.

The last stage is the Emergence. The walls of our cocoons get tighter and tighter. They are meant for you to break free of the not so comfortable comfort zone. After all that time, what feels like a forever struggle, you get mad and you break free! It’s a perfectly normal part of life! Get mad, bust through the walls that are holding you like a prison cell. Your own Beautiful Butterfly self is waiting to break free. Fly beautiful fly.

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