Enough is enough.

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Who told you that you weren’t enough?

Thoughts come from 2 places… up or down, Good or bad, Love or Evil.

Which did that one come from?

Whether it was spoken through someone to you, it still came from one of those places.

How many times did that person(s) say that you weren’t enough?

How many times did you repeat it?
Who’s the bigger jerk?

It is time to forgive them because their words were not their own.

It’s time to forgive ourselves for allowing our thoughts were fed by anything that wasn’t love.

But we have the choice to close that door. We have the choice to choose again. We have the choice to tell it NO! I hear you, you are wrong, I forgive you, and I bless and release you. And never hear you again! Buh-bye

What is your choice? You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God is Love; You are made in his image; you ARE love. Anything you speak, think, say or do should be love, or you are misrepresenting who and what you are.

YOU ARE LOVE. I AM LOVE. WE ARE LOVE. And nothing less.

So forgive yourself right now for all the times you haven’t been love. Forgive others when they haven’t been love – THEY ARE LOVE TOO!

Where do we go from here? We go with our chins up, hearts out, and eyes open to pour love into others and remind them of their love.

You have to power to remind everyone else that they, too, are enough! Because they are! Revive them, remind them to be love simply by you being love yourself.

We have torn ourselves down and held ourselves and each other back long enough. It is time to rise up in love and change the world! We ARE ENOUGH! Rise up in love! ❤️

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