Fall in Love with Your Life

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Ralle Drake

“Then, she began to breathe, and live, and every moment took her to a place where goodbyes were hard to come by. She was in love, but not in love with someone or something, she was in love with her life. and for the first time, in a long time, everything was inspiring.” ~R.M. Drake

This quote is so, so powerful to me. It was shared with me by a dear friend, who said it reminded them of me. It touched my heart!  The timing could not have been more perfect as well. It was as if God was throwing me a bone in the middle of a storm!

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Maybe this quote inspires you to aspire, to dream, and to become what it speaks of. Here is how it applies to me 🙂

I have learned to breathe…

JUST BREATHE: I have added many forms of deep breathing into my life – breathing exercises, meditation, reflection, and deep prayer – I had to find a place to stop for a few minutes in my go, go, go life and learn to appreciate EVERYTHING. And when I learned how breathing affects my moods, my brain, and my energy, I definitely started being more careful of it. Deep Breaths fill the soul!

I learned to live…

LIVE IN GRATITUDE: Making myself do gratitude walks, songs, and prayers, especially when I didn’t feel like it. It has changed my life. Being grateful has taught me to see the good in everything – good and bad. Because it’s in the bad that we learn the lessons in life that we need to show us how to become better and better people. The bad gives contrast to show us what the good is. It’s like how the clouds make us appreciate the sunshine.

LIVE IN LOVE: Learning to look, handle, and be in love with all things and all people has changed my life. I put my love goggles on and they are now a part of me. I learned to be love in all things, all situations, and for all people. I learned to love myself and that people treat me how I treat me. And until I love myself, no one else can. I learned that loving my body is the only way to help it get healthier, that exercise, eating and sleeping right were all forms of self-love and self-care, as well as filling my life with things and people I love. I ditched all the things and people who no longer brought me joy and it was a massive burden lifted from my shoulders, and it created a beautiful space in my life for more people and things that I do and can love.

I learned to LOVE HARD. Just in case it was my last time seeing others. I learned to LOVE DEEP. So that it left a mark on others hearts. And learned to love LOVE WIDE, so that no one is ever left out or not feeling loved.

Every moment took her to a place…

BE PRESENT: I am still learning each day to be present in the moment as my wild mind races more than a pack of wild horses! This one was hard for me as I am a supermassive multitasking, overachiever, wild thing. My passions are screaming out from the depths of my soul in multitude! (Intense I know) But that is what drives me! I used to have every minute of the day planned out to the minute with no free time at all. I was constantly overwhelmed with what I had to do next that I could never enjoy the NOW. And suddenly I realized that I could never get this moment back again…  So, I started to live in it. I still struggle sometimes, but it’s getting better and better. I am learning to flow. It is a journey after all. We are not time travelers. My to-do list now consists of three categories, To-Do’s, To Live’s, and To Learn’s, and I try to make sure they are balanced out in every way, every day.

Life is about the Journey, not the destination!
The moments between the beginning and the ends. Enjoy it!

“Every Moment is taking us to a place where goodbyes are hard to come by.”

BUILDING MY TRIBE: I remember waiting so long to get to this place. How long I was longing and searching for it. It was so close I could feel it! I let go of so many things and people these last few years which was hard for me, but so freeing. It was not hard in the way I thought it would be. I realized I had been holding on to things, to friendships, relationships, people, material things, jobs, that had already let me go, and moved on without me, so why was I struggling so hard to hold on to them? When I let them go I made room for so much better in my life.

I have learned to recognize the roots of things by asking myself “Why?”- Why do they make me feel how they do? Then I can learn to either accept or redirect the thoughts and feelings, instead of dwelling in them, projecting them on others or shutting them off. We can’t just numb one area. It’s all numb or all feeling.

Feelings are signals meaning there is action to be taken!
Listen to them. Figure out what it is you need to do.

I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent meditating on various things, situations, and people.   Some in gratitude, laughter, and love, and others in misunderstood heartbreak and tears asking, “Why was I holding on to them?” or” Why did it bother me?” My inner Negative Nancy voice cries out…  “How did I become so easy to let go? Did I matter to them at all? If they loved me they wouldn’t let me go?”  REDIRECT!!!

The real questions are: Did I give them everything I had, love them with all my heart, help them in every way that I could? If the answer was yes, then I did my job and it is time to let them go. That little birdy is ready to leave the nest and if they come back to me, great, if they don’t, Great. Either way, my job was done.  Other great questions are… What lesson did I learn from them? What lesson did I teach them? Do they bring me joy? If the answer is no, let them go. This applies to objects, people, places, jobs, things. Let them go to allow someone else to have joy from them.

After you Redirect it to the REAL truth… Kindly reply to your own inner Negative Nancy as your packing her bags… “Actually, Nancy, my job here with this person/thing is done, I am no longer meant to serve them, or them me. I brought joy and lessons into their life and them into mine, and now our job together is finished.  It is time for a new Joy/lesson to begin. Our paths have come to fork in the road they went left, I’m going right. It’s time to see what else is out there and start a new adventure. We will look back at our time together and smile, maybe one day our paths will cross again if it is meant to be. Until then, you too can go left. You are no longer needed in my world.”

Then you must let go. the paths are too far apart and if you hold on to something too long that was meant to go you are going to derail you both. Bless them and release them. When you try to hold on to something that is trying to leave, it damages the relationship to an unrepairable state.  Set it/them free, and by setting it free, you set yourself free. To Live, to Love, to experience your next chapter of the most amazing life!

She was in Love with her Life

Love your life! Look at your life through a love radar. Gauge everything by a love meter! If you don’t absolutely LOVE something, then let it go. Make room in your life for only the things that are radar red on that LOVE meter.

Everything else is meant to inspire someone else’s life right now and you, my dear, are holding up that process for someone else by holding on to something that wasn’t meant for you anymore. Let it go!  Fill your life with things that inspire you! And give others the chance to be inspired by things or people that no longer inspire you. Pass it on.

For the First time in a Long time, everything was inspiring.

It takes time to get to this place and I’m finally there. This is the place where everything is lived and appreciated in gratitude! And it is an ever-changing and beautiful place. Things you love today, may serve their purpose and become things that someone gets to love tomorrow.

Be in gratitude for all of it always
and watch how inspiring your world will become.

I hope this quote touches your soul too. See where your journey needs to go and has already gone.   Share if it does!

Enjoy every step, every lesson.
It all leads to a beautiful place somewhere between the beginning and the end.

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