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First Things First

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How many of us are living a life of Chaos and Overwhelm? I guarantee that 99% of us raise our hand and the other 1% is either in denial or just doesn’t care anymore- and that is no place to be! In todays world we have all had to learn to juggle our lives in a delicate “balance” or it will all fall down. So many of the people I coach feel like their lives are a house of cards ready to crumble at any second. But, the even stranger part is, most don’t feel like its their life, they feel as if they’re just watching it through a window completely unattached! They have become NUMB and almost robotic trying to manage it all, no feelings, just doing. That is not enjoying life y’all. Turn that Auto-Pilot off so that you can wake up from this terrible dream!

First Things First

I want to teach you the First things First mentality, that is changing my life. Men used to be able to live this life and therefore were hardly ever stressed out, but todays overwhelm and chaos is even catching up to them now! This one MAJOR thing is shifting my own life from Chaos to Calm, and is helping thousands of people around the world be able to slow down, still get it all down and for the first time ENJOY LIFE AGAIN! I call it First things First.

Are you an habitual multi-tasker like me? Which means we live always in a state of chaos, we don’t enjoy anything because we are always thinking of what we have to do next. And we also don’t remember much because we are rarely ever living in the moment of anything! Especially movies, lol Every time is the first time for me….


What if we all start focusing on just ONE THING at a time. When that is done, we move on to the next THING.


I know…. glass shattering right? It seems so simple, yet the idea of slowing down and only doing one thing at a time, just about brought me to a panic attack thinking about it! Don’t worry, nothing will fall through the cracks. IN FACT, you will find yourself EVEN MORE PRODUCTIVE THAN EVER BEFORE!!!!!!  I know what you’re thinking…. WHATTTTT?? Inconceivable! (same thing I said when the idea was offered to me) But, being the challenge accepted person that I am… I was soon proven wrong… AND THANK GOODNESS!

Here is how it works. Write your FIRST THINGS FIRST list. Write down all the things you do, or would like to do in a day, sort of a simple To-Do style list.  I don’t know about you but, (for now) my life is entirely too crazy to schedule in what I will do every hour on the hour – but I am working on building a routine, I am a creative person so I can’t say that on Tuesdays at 10 am I will feel like writing.  I have messages laid on my heart and I have to stop what I’m doing right then and write about it, before its gone!! So, for me, my lists are just things I hope to accomplish and boy does it feel good to check them off when I’m done.

Our First Things First list will be just things. Vague daily things that we need to do to have a happy healthy life.

Here is the trick.

Your “things” are to be treated as stairs,

or stepping stones,

you can’t start the next thing

until this thing is done. 

Don’t forget to sprinkle the things in that are going to help you get to your big goals in life. Start adding them in until they become habits, put in the things you enjoy as rewards to do when you are done doing the “things” you don’t love so much.

Here is an example of what My list looks like. (this is my M-F list) Weekends are meant for other things 😉

• Wake up (yes I have to put this, i need some time for my left eye to open and my zombie apocalypse walk to diminish)
• Workout
• Meditation
• Breakfast/Positivity
• Work.

• Lunch/Break, Reflection
(I try to use this time to read or reflect on what the rest of my day is- or catch up on a show if my brain needs to break)
• Clean house (yes I work from home and if I’m not careful the house work will distract my whole dang day!)
• Work
• 10 min Yoga (when I need a break- I get stiff writing yall!- imagine if people took 10 min yoga breaks instead of smoke breaks! When I have a huge team, im totally implementing that! Every 2 hours a 10 min yoga break… umm YES!)
• Work

• Homework w kids & Snack
• Evening Walk and basketball with family or yoga
• Supper
• 9PM Bedtime routine
• 15 min class/book with hubby- Cause if we don’t grow together, we will grow apart.

My big struggle is that I could just work 20 hours a day, especially when I’m on a roll, but I HAVE TO FORCE MYSELF to do the other things that make this life beautiful! And My family is the same way. I set this same tone for them. We are all hard workers, go-getters and have to force ourselves to have fun!

So in my list, my work is my reward for working out, and I have earned my breakfast. My lunch is my reward for working, My family walk and basketball game is our reward for a good day, and also a detox to get us into our evening, A reset sort of… and I love the family time it brings, tons of laughter, time to talk about our day, and just close the chapter until tomorrow.

What can you add to your list? Sprinkle in the fun, create a resetting ritual so that you don’t take work to bed with you. This will help you sleep soundly each night and create the balance we all need and crave.

Think about the things you could implement into your daily routine that would help you reach your goals and create balance in your life? Does something you are doing now need to go in order to make room for something better?

We all have same 24 hours in life,
why are some people rocking it,
and others flopping like a fish out of water?
that separate us!

First things first. Start with adding in small things you can do that would create good balanced days until they become  habits!  Then swap it for something bigger, build your solid foundation with the things you know you can do, This is how successful people do it. They build a solid foundation! When you are done with the one thing, you’re ready to take the next step, and the next and the next!

Give yourself the love and grace you need to
move through the stepping stones of the day,

Who cares if you fall off,
you get back up and just keep going…
quitting is NOT an Option.
You are worth more than that!

Most of all don’t forget to sprinkle little healthy things that love you back into your list, these are unskippable steps, you can’t go about your day or to the next step without doing them. Because we all know that what doesn’t get planned doesn’t happen, write them down and do them.

Let’s start making the steps of our days ON PURPOSE and BENEFICIAL! <3

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