Fit Test Friday- Week 2

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FITNESS FRIDAY! It’s Fit Test again! Let’s see how much stronger you have grown this week!  Write down your scores for each exercise and keep it handy! Track your Progress and Celebrate every single milestone! Enjoy the Journey y’all! It’s the Best part!

Turn it up and do a few rounds and make it a workout. See how much stronger you get with each round. Make it a competition and beat your last numbers – Give it your all! What ever it takes!

TODAYS MOTIVATION: Comparison… it’s a DISEASE- STOP IT!!! Comparison is a sure fire way to make you feel as if  you have a HORRIBLE life! Stop comparing yourself, your progress, your success, your family, or your life to ANYONE ELSE’S! You don’t know their journey, their struggles or what their life is really like inside of them.

YOU are only obligated to be a BETTER PERSON than YOU were Yesterday! Your journey is your own. Your Life is what YOU make it, No one can make it better or worse except you. And I just know deep inside that you want it to become better and better. Every day, every action, every goal you set, every step you take either brings you closer to your goal or farther away. You have to pay attention to which way your going and which way you want to be going.

Your only competition in this world is yourself! Compare your life in the past to the amazing most wonderful life you see for yourself in the future, and ENJOY the who you are RIGHT NOW in the moment! Life really, really is Beautiful!

Take a moment right now and just be present in your current life, close your eyes and think about all the sweet parts. Be ever grateful in the little things that make you smile. Share them with others and brighten their day!

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