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FIT TEST FRIDAY!!!! Hope you have enjoyed the last 3 weeks of your 30 day challenge. This week you should definitely be able to tell the difference in your numbers. Celebrate them!

TODAYS MOTIVATION: What drives you when you don’t feel like going. When your get up and go forgot to get up and take ya? What makes you dig deep? WHAT DRIVES YOU? Do you have a friend to call who will kick your tail into gear? A song you can dance to, to get you pumping? Some daily affirmations that you repeat to yourself to get your right mindset? It all starts with a foot tap, a good thought, a smile.

Try each morning to start your day out right. Instead of sleeping between snooze buttons, try to stretch and wake yourself up gently. Take a minute or two to take some deep thankful gratitude breaths, breathing in for 4 counts, breathing in energy and gratitude that you woke up, gratitude that you have a bed, house, health, breathe in gratitude about anything you can possibly be thankful for- which is many, many things! Hold them in for just a second. Then  Breathe out worry, tiredness and any stress for 4 counts. Kick them out!

Feels great doesn’t it! Now as your breathing say a few positive affirmations that will really start your day out on a positive and upbeat note. Say them with a smile on your face, say them out loud (if you can) and add some power behind them! Here are some you can start with and please add your own appeal to them….

Today is going to be awesome. I am going to ROCK today LIKE A BOSS.

No matter the challenges that may come I will not let them steal my joy.

Today I will be BRAVE. I will try something New. I will go where fear has kept me from going.

Today I am going to stand up straight, head held high, being proud of all that I do and all that I accomplish, My heart will lead my day.

Today I am going to make new friends, new connections & make someones life better today.

Today I will be the light in someones darkness.

We recently had the pleasure of having Silento play for us in a private concert. He taught us how to Whip and Nae Nae – It was hilarious! We we’re terrible at it! I have a whole new appreciation for the song and the singer, he was very down to earth and fun. He was asked what makes him get up and go and he said he turns on his own song and jams. How cool is that? He has found the energy within. You have it too! We all do.
Find your inner energy that makes you pop. Think about that dream body, that dream life, that dream energy and start becoming that person. The best way to get up and start moving is to simply get up and start moving! You Got This! #30DayChallenge #BetterMeTribe#Silento #EnergyFromWithin #Whip #NaeNae
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