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FITNESS FRIDAY! Fit Test! Let’s see how much stronger you will grow each week! Turn it up and do a few rounds for a great workout! Write down your high scores in your journals for each exercise and be proud of what you did- no matter what the number is!

Without change there can not be growth
and without records you can not measure growth.

Today’s Motivation: TAKE PICTURES- EVERY WEEK- After you finish the Fit test, take pictures, weigh & measure. Every week!  Record, record, record! And enjoy the journey. Your health should be a never ending journey that you should love to love. What if you couldn’t – What if you were sick or laid up in a bed or something- bet you would wish you could workout! Don’t take a healthy body for granted! Every time you work out or choose good food you are giving yourself a gift! Be appreciative as if someone else was taking care of you. Give yourself PERMISSION to take care of you! If you take good care of yourself then you CAN take better Care of others. You can not loose yourself in the process of life.

Give yourself Love, respect, affection. Go ahead give yourself a big hug right now, pat yourself on the back while your there and smile– because you have just found a long lost friend!  Squeeze Hard, hold it there! You love this person! This person has given you the world! They have put up with A LOT of stuff from you. You have abused them mentally, physically, spiritually. You have fed them crap and maybe let them stiffen up and rust. You have given them less than your best for quite a while and they still show up every day and never abandon you. Keep hugging, Keep Squeezing, and apologize. Take some time to REALLY apologize to this person who has stuck with you no matter what over the years and make a promise to do better to them. To treat them better, to love them better, to feed them better, to oil all their parts,  give them the proper exercise they need to feel good and be happy. Promise them to spend more time with them and work on your relationship. ALONE TIME. Promise to fill them up with good things, read good books to them, listen to good music, watch heartfelt movies.

Date them! Schedule a weekly UNBREAKABLE date with your new Best Friend. Whatever a perfect date feels like to you. Maybe for a girl its mani/pedis, for a guy, it’s shooting hoops. Start working in daily time with you too- start with 5 solid minutes of Me-time. Everyone has 5 minutes.  Read something positive, meditate on it, take a walk, clear your mind and focus on you. Tell yourself THANK YOU, thank you for your day, thank you for being strong, brave, confident, powerful, Thank you for standing up when you needed to.  Talk to yourself IT’S OK! Speak out loud! Maybe better if you are alone- but if not who cares! Your amazing and you are worth talking to! What you have to say is important and adds value to your life. And you know what? You can’t interrupt you! Pat yourself on the back, Give yourself a hug and a smile.

Ask yourself these questions in your daily me-break times.
What did I do today that I’m proud of?
What about me am I thankful for today?
What can I do better tomorrow than I did today?
Don’t focus on ANY NEGATIVE THINGS- Only Positive things allowed.

This is a NO- Negativity Zone.  

When tomorrow comes around and you ask the same questions, and you reflect on if you did the “thing” better today than the day before, then celebrate that! Give yourself a high five! And if you didn’t, well then, try again tomorrow.  Reward your good behavior big and small! Give yourself little gifts, rewards for doing good as we do children or employees or volunteers. Bribe yourself even if you have a big goal you want to accomplish. Nothing wrong with it! Whatever it takes to make you a better person today than you were yesterday and each day growing and changing a little at a time in the right direction. No one says you have to be perfect tomorrow. You’re already perfect today. You are a perfect work in progress. And you are worth the you-time. Make you a priority today and every day. You will thank yourself for that.

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