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Most of us spend our whole lives trying to fix others but never work on fixing ourselves. The only way to fix our world, to change our futures, to make our lives better is to start fixing ourselves. One thing at a time we need to work on fixing our own lives.

Fixing our todays, fixes our futures.

DO IT: Write down everything bothering you in your life. Look at each area, love, work, fun, family, personal, health, etc. One per page. Write out what exactly is bothering you about each thing. Really dig deep and get to the source of the problems. Allow your mind to flow write it all out. Spend some time in this.

As I am writing down my own goals for the next year I am really having to take a good hard look at my own life. As I was looking into each area of my life I noticed a pattern about each one, something was missing. What was it? What was it that I was feeling? Loads of answers came up, plenty to be thankful for as it has really been a great year for me. But, something nagging at me, what was it? There were feelings of discouragement, anger, not feeling as though I’m enough, that I’m doing enough, saying enough, working hard enough. I had a feeling of unworthiness due to some things that have happened recently, feelings of overwhelm, wanting to do more, to prove myself. I knew those feelings were straight up lies. I know me and I know that I am always doing my best. Why was I feeling this way. Why was I allowing old thoughts of the old me to creep in?

I always try to take responsibility for my part in all things and not ever blame others. Simply because I have learned these three golden nuggets that changed everything for me.

I can only control me, my actions,
and my reactions.

And that….

If I’m not happy, change something.

…as my grandma always told me.

And let’s not forget the underlying fact that we have to.. at some point… know that …


We all work so hard at seeking approval of others. When the only approval we need is our own.

I think that this year, being an amazing year of growth in my life that maybe I have outgrown a few of things.

In life, we all are meant to outgrow things, friends, loves, workplaces, home towns even. We have to keep growing. We are not made to settle. When we settle, when we are not moving forward, we are in fact going backward. Simply because the world never stops and when we stop everything passes us by. So then, we feel, overwhelmed as if we will spend the rest of our lives chasing and playing catch up. HOW EXHAUSTING!

I know that it is time for the next level or next stage of my life. It is time to level-up friendships, level-up relationships, level-up jobs, level-up everything. Not that I am needing to leave everything behind necessarily, but just that I am ready to level it all up. That It is time to grow each area of my life. What areas of your life are ready for a leveling-up?

So with my brain boggled down in these thoughts, I took a break, in my work, in my goals and in my writing. I did some yoga and then went for a run. Running ALWAYS gives me such clarity in my soul, my mind, and my heart. Running helps me figure out life. I highly suggest it for everyone’s MENTAL health as well as their physical health.

So, as I was running up the mountain, I was thinking and praying and meditating, and just trying to figure it all out. I looked out over the mountains and as it was just beginning to snow a little, the scenery was beautiful, and the song “fix you” came on. I was just so overwhelmed at everything that I began to just cry, these were the most freeing tears! As I listened to the song, it hit home like never before. It suddenly had a whole new meaning. and it came on at just the right time as well.

I don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that everything is divine if we only pay attention to it.

God knew what I needed in that exact moment as I rambled on to Him for over 2 miles! HA! (poor guy)

You see we have to allow ourselves to be vulnerable at times, to hear our hearts, to have the spirit guide us we have to let the walls down to let changes to happen!

Vulnerability is not a weakness, it is a strength.
These are the times when things become clear to us.

As I’m listening to the song my soul just cries out! It awakens, It’s ready to fight back. It reminds me that I am worth fighting for. And I’m sharing this to remind you as well. YOU are worth fighting for! We are all worth fighting for. We are strong. We have all been through massive things in our life and these moments are just growing pains.

I hope as you listen to this song that you take it to your own heart and your own soul and allow it to help YOU to “fix you”. It is not anyone’s job but your own, but our own. We all have things we can improve in our lives. Remember there is no settling.

We are growing or we are dying.

Also I hope and pray that we can all lay down the burden of trying to “fix” others. It is their job and not our burdens to bear. Let that go. It is our job to fix us. When we are brave, and have the courage to fix ourselves we give others permission, and courage to start to fix themselves.

Here is the link to the song,  Below I have listed the lyrics and also what my soul returned to me in it. Please share with us the things your soul says to you! Go for a run – put the song on repeat, let your walls down and your soul flow. Be vulnerable and Enjoy it.

When you try your best but you don’t succeed
Every day. I always do my best, don’t feel people appreciate it, however…

When you get what you want but not what you need
So many times what I want is not what I need….

When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep
My Restless mind keeps me up, knowing I deserve more

Stuck in reverse
Feels like this sometimes, But I must keep moving forward!

When the tears come streaming down your face
My passion at its best, I feel everything!

When you lose something you can’t replace
My pride- HA! Really I feel my honor is insulted when someone doesn’t appreciate me.

When you love someone but it goes to waste
So much!! because I love everyone I meet- there is no other option for me.

Could it be worse?
YES!- it could always be worse- time to start thinking in gratitude instead of negativity. Change gears.

Lights will guide you home
Live in gratitude, change focus- think of the accomplishments, not the struggles.

And ignite your bones
Get excited about whats coming! Resistance makes us stronger. 

And I will try to fix you
I am going to fix me.
High up above or down below
I need to always be reaching out to God for help and to myself for strength!

When you’re too in love to let it go
I’m in love with my purpose, in love with my dreams, it keeps me up at night, wakes me up in the morning, gets me excited about everything!

If you never try you’ll never know
I’m going for it. NOTHING CAN HOLD ME BACK!

Just what you’re worth
I’m worth way more than those around me give, I’m a precious child of God! Who has given me so much strengths to work with! 

Lights will guide you home
Remind myself that I am something special- MY LIGHT IS NEEDED IN THIS WORLD!

And ignite your bones
I am worth so much more!

And I will try to fix you
I am fixing me!

Tears come streaming down your face
Let them flow! Tears of joy, tears of love, no more tears of pain and sorrow.

When you lose something you cannot replace
I won’t go back- I won’t be who I was- I won’t be around people who are not worthy of me.

Tears come streaming down your face
tears pour out in relief -Tears of freedom. Tears of overcoming. 

And I
will fix me.

Tears come streaming down your face
The weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

I promise you I will learn from all my mistakes
I have learned and become so much stronger because of them.

Tears come streaming down your face
And I
I will fix me.

Lights will guide you home
Chin up, look up, Use God as my guide – He is my light and my salvation

And ignite your bones
He renews my strength, He renews my heart. He renews my Soul

And I will try to fix you
And with His help and His Guidance I will fix me.

What can you do to proactively start to fix you? How can we help?

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