Fly Baby Fly

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Who says that you have limits in this life? It is time to break out of the mold that you or someone else has set for yourself. Become that person you always knew was on the inside. BECOME AMAZING! FLY!

Stop letting  little things hold you back! Break free from all the things that hold you down. Only you can do that. You have to realize there is more to life. AND THERE IS! Seek and ye shall find! Go get it.  Let nothing and no one stop you from becoming your very own version of 100% AWESOME!

TRY THIS: Write down a list of all the things, people, excuses, lies that people have told you about you or that maybe you have been telling yourself.  Maybe someone said you weren’t good enough to do something or be something or become some thing? Maybe it’s a lie that you tell yourself because you are letting fear run the show. Write them all down. Now write beside each one why it’s not a good excuse anymore. Dig deep. Get mad, kick them to the curb- remember there are no good excuses, only 100% responsibility for choices. CHOOSE TO LIVE AMAZINGLY!!!

Excuses come from your head not your heart. They are chains that hold you down!  Let fear guide you! Learn that fear is in fact excitement. Fear is a thrill busting to come out!

And just know that when you take that first step in faith you may just be leaping into the greatest adventure of your life! FLY BABY FLY!

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