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Rules for being amazing


I hope that your week is off to a great start! I want to share with you a couple tips that I hope will help you on days that you know will be jam-packed and super busy, or the beginning of a long week.

I like to take a few moments in the morning to center myself. Here are a few quick morning exercises you can easily do upon waking up in the morning to clean your slate for a refreshing and productive day:

Try to wake up a little early to give yourself some breathing room and alleviate the stress of a rushed morning. If your morning is stressful, your whole day will be tense. make sure you are writing down your to-do list the night before so you won’t be laying there all night trying to keep the list inside and not forget anything, and in turn get much better rest.

As you wake up, focus your mind and take some deep breaths, allow yourself some time to be present with not only your spiritual self but your physical self, your emotional self and your mental self. During these long, slow, deep breaths think about how you will feel when everything in your day goes even better than expected. Allow, just for a moment, none of your worries to rise in your mind. When they do try to creep in, acknowledge them and forgive them, replace them with positive thoughts and let them go.

Next, inhale deeply, taking in all of your positive thoughts and energy. Hold that breath and acknowledge the greatness. Exhale a moment later, and as your chest decompresses, release all of your worries and any negative thoughts with a long breath. Blow them all away. Let them go to leave you worry-free at the start of your day.

Be sure as you wake up not to let your to-do list overwhelm you, running through your mind. Have it written down before you go to bed and when your ready you can simply take a moment to understand that each item on your to-do list is a step towards a greater goal, towards your dreams, and that each is important and fulfilling you in a larger way.

If you give yourself the gift of time to set up each day, you will feel more control over your life. Taking time to prepare your mind will leave you feeling purposed, instead of feeling as though you are constantly rushed, or catching up with the events around you. You are the sole proprietor of your life; start acting like it, you are in total control. Take deep breaths through out day bringing in positive energy and exhaling negative energy. Planning ahead will save you so much unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary stress in your life!

Give yourself enough time to take a walk to clear your head before a busy day, or perhaps add some yoga, meditation and positive reading into your regimen to get a peaceful start.


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  1. kalseymarie
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    Ariel! This is awesome! Your writing is so beautiful and articulate. I like to wake up and take my time getting ready. I play my meditation music as i get ready and diffuse Awaken with Envision Young Livimg Essential oils. I have a grateful practice also. Sundays are my day of peace. I like to wake up and have coffee. Then read or meditate. Go to church then the grocery store. Then home to prep my meals for the week. Then i have a calm relaxing evening.

    I love reading your words Ariel. Keep it going. And keep shining your bright light!

    Lots of love,

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