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Why do you workout? Do you workout for you? Do you workout for other people? Maybe for someone else to think your beautiful or fit or buff? Maybe to impress another… Stop it! Work out for you! What others think about you should never be what drives you.

Working out is a NOT a punishment for your bad decisions, it is a GIFT! It is a gift you give yourself because you LOVE yourself. Because you know you will be proud of yourself when you do. Because your family needs a healthy lively you and you know that taking care of yourself helps you take better care of everyone else around you! It needs to be treated as a reward!

I know when you first start working out it seems horrible! You’re sore and you’re weak and ewww sweat, right? Don’t worry, soon you will be mad if you aren’t sweaty! Soon you will be mad if you aren’t sore! And soon you will miss the happy endorphins when you skip a day. You will grow to love it and instead HATE the way you feel when you miss a day or two. It is almost depressing and it makes you get back on the wagon.

After you get in the gym and really give it your all there is a sense of pride that comes along with it. A sense of self-accomplishment. And a sense of self-love. You need to treat yourself to a workout, every day! You got this, Keep it up! Consistency is key to any success.

Working out is hard for 30-45 minutes, being unhappy with yourself is hard, for a lifetime. Choose Your Hard. Give yourself the gift of a good workout to jumpstart your day!

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