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Love vs Hate… the war as old as time. It all starts from within each of us. What do we choose?

Everything we think, feel, do, comes from inside. Every single choice we make comes from a tiny seed of a thought from deep down with us. Some are even unconscious thoughts made from lifelong habits we have taught ourself.

Instead of being open, loving and caring towards others we are often defensive, untrusting, scared, fearful of them. Even if we have not even met them yet! Is that fair?

What we often assume or judge others as is a reflection of what’s inside of us. Or a fear we may have according to how someone else treated us or made us feel.  What if we all decided to look at others in love? What if we never assumed the next person would treat us as the last one did? What if we met each person for who they are, where they are, how they are and loved them as is?

Our lives would be filled with an amazing group of people! We are made to connect, made to crave connection, to love. We will never run out of love! Love in itself is magic the more you give it away the more you’ll have it to give! Love multiplies, try to give it all away see if you can reach the bottom! You can’t! 

We have to allow Love to come in as well, that is how we create an overflow! Everything in this entire world gives us love IF accept it!  Puppies, kittens, babies, sunshine, flowers, rainbows, nature in general, people, positive things, we can even plug into a higher power if we really want to feel the power of love and run through us! God provided everything for the Good of mankind. It was mankind that messed it up. Take back the good, do your part to not put anything evil, bad, negative or any hate whatsoever into the world. Spread only love, joy, peace, happiness into others, these are ever abounding!

Hate is simply a lack of understanding. 

Choosing hate means we CHOOSE to not understand something or someone, and that my dear, is on us, not them. CHOOSE to love and understand as many things/people as possible and it will help eliminate hate in our lives, and in our world. Try to understand where people are coming from. Ask questions (in love) and we will see that maybe we’re not so different after all. Awareness and getting to know someone new could be the biggest blessing of our life! 

We can all work on overflowing our hearts with love and it will wash all the hate out! Let’s see how many ways we can feel love, show love and GIVE love today. Let’s remove all the hate from within each person we meet with love today! Including us! <3

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