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Know the Difference!!!! I see this so, so much! Infact, I was the poster child for this exact crime for many many years!! Then the voice inside spoke to me and said….



If it doesn’t make your Soul SING then its not what you’re supposed to be doing!!!

 Move over rover and let the person/place/thing/job that is SUPPOSED to be there, be there! Make room! Allow someone else fulfill their calling, because what you’re dreading, may be the very thing that someone elses soul is CRYING OUT TO DO!

Go Find what your supposed to be doing instead. Don’t just be a body in a spot. Be a force to be reckoned with, give yourself time and love and find that thing that you spring out of bed for in the mornings! Maybe your only meant to do one thing in that area and turn it over to the next person.

Maybe your only meant to start something or shift something, and not do it for the next 30 years! Maybe, just maybe you’re in the way of the true person who is supposed to be doing what you’re trying to hold on to. GET OUT OF THE WAY OF GREATNESS! Go Find the thing that makes the greatness flow out of you! You Deserve it and so does everyone else! <3

Don’t tread water trying to keep your head above it when you were born to fly.

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