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You know all the things you have always wanted to see? You should go see them. What are you waiting for? This life. It is all we have. Don’t waste a single minute of it. Do the things, see the things, become the things, be the things. No one can do them for us. It is up to us and us alone.

Close your eyes and think of ALL those places you have always wanted to go see! Write a list of them all down. Start a weekly, monthly and yearly bucket list. Schedule them in, book the tickets, map out the plan.

Google “Most Beautiful Places to visit,” or “Places to see before you die.”  You will get some great ideas there that may spark you into even more places.

Once you say yes to going, seeing and doing things, they start showing themselves to you. Place pictures of them around your house, on your screens. To remind you daily that your goals are within your reach. Without doubt, they are possible. This world is not so big after all. Once you start completing the goals you are making they come faster and easier for you. Anything is possible if you want it bad enough! Belief is 50% of it, Action is the other half! Believe you can and then you will find a way!

So what really is holding you back? Is it courage? Is it bravery? Is it belief, Who do you need to become to make this possible for you? Circumstances do not matter, I came from a horrific, abusive, very poor background. I get it. Hard times are not meant to last forever, they are there to make us stronger, to be our foundation to stand on, not a boulder to crush us. Click on the links of the “reasons” you are stuggling with.

Then Check out this. The Struggle is real, or is it? ]

If you want it, it is meant for you. Don’t let yourself down any more. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

What is holding you back? Go. See. Do! And take loads of Pictures and share them with us! Tag us @BetterMeTribe <3

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