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What are you waiting on? What keeps stopping you? Better question is why are you allowing it, or allowing others to stop you from smashing out goals or tackling your dreams.

Your goals are your goals, no one elses, it  is your life that you are living. No one elses. Let them worry about their goals and you worry about yours.

Your dreams are not the same, as anyone elses, your dreams are yours alone. No ones dreams are exactly the same as yours. God put that dream, that desire, that longing in your heart for a reason. He has something for you to do! No one can do this but you! No one can figure it out but you, and no one can finish it but you. It is the GREATEST ADVENTURE OF ALL!

Stop seeking others opinions for your journey, your dreams and your goals as well.. they can not possibly understand your dreams on the same level as you. It’s not their souls desire, they do not have the burning in your spirit as you do for this goal. It is not theirs, they have their own fires and sparks. They are on a different journey completely. You need to go for your dreams and let then go for theirs.

Find a group of dreamers and link arms supporting each others dreams and goals, even though they are all different. Love, support and give advice only when its asked for. Find your tribe of dreamers and shoot for the stars. 

They say the sky is the limit, but I think personally they’re wrong. The only limit you have is the limiting belief in yourself. Stop putting yourself in a box or a cage, stop telling yourself that you are not a world changer, YOU ARE,  that your destiny is not as important as someone elses. IT IS. and it should be the most important thing to you.

So, go, fly little birdy – because as much as someone else flaps their wings, it doesn’t make you fly, you have to take the leap, you have to crash and burn a few times until you figure it out. No one can do that for you. Get that laser focus, set some goals to smash and dreams to catch!

Because, The things you seek are also seeking you. So go find them!

See you on the other side.  ❤️

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