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As I’m writing about grace today, I am listening to my boy practice piano so beautifully, then.. I hear him struggling on a part, and a little later I hear him getting mad about it and grumbling… So I asked him to come here… I asked him a simple question, “What is Grace and what does it mean to you?” He said “well, it is when someone gets something better than they deserve.” “Such as?”  I asked. “Patience, love, forgiveness, understanding, less of a punishment than is deserved,” he replied.

I asked him another simple question, “If you were teaching someone else to play piano, would you be more patient with them than you are being with yourself?” “Yes”, he said in dismay. I told him to “give himself some grace”

What does grace mean to you? A forgiveness without deserving it? A little extra patience with someone?  A free pass for someone because you have mercy on them? What causes you to have grace? Where does it come from? Is it because you know they’re struggling already, maybe because you see that they are in fact doing the BEST that they can?

Do you give yourself the same grace?  Are you patient with yourself? Take a break, take few  deep breaths, gain some perspective, are you doing the best you can? Im sure you are, if so pat yourself on the back, think of this hurdle as a challenge and go at it again.

We have to give ourselves grace as well as others. Its so very important. Give yourself grace and patience and know that we are all a beautiful works in progress, and we are all learning how to do this thing called life!

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