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Be thankful for EVERYTHING today! (And Everyday!)

Did you know that it is nearly impossible to be have a negative attitude if you are thinking of all the things you are grateful for? Start a gratitude journal today and every day before you go to sleep write two or three things in your gratitude journal, things that you are grateful for, little things, big things, everything. Once you get going its hard to stop! No Negativity allowed here! Then next time your thinking of throwing a pity party (as my moma used to call them), simply pull out that journal and get some new perspective. Change your mindset. Life really is good.

Remember, there is always someone who is having a harder time than you. Another way to get out of a funk is to go help someone who has it it worse than you and the joy it brings is more than enough to make you smile for weeks. Find ways to give back in this big old world and this big old world will start giving back to you in ways you could not even imagine! Mission projects are a GREAT way to get perspective. When I come back from one I look around at my life and realize how truly blessed I am in this big ole world… and how much STUFF I have that I dont need! Usually ends up with a massive donation to the local charity and a de-cluttered home every time I return. #BetterMeTribe #Gratefulness #GiveBack #Mindset


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