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Today I encourage/ beg of you to add a gratitude song to your walk or run or even a sit a moment with your eyes closed in a quiet room in your house. Do it in the car  yelling at the top of your lungs. Just do it. Make it a part of your life! Try for weekly gratitude sessions. Work up to daily ones!

Practicing Gratitude brings happiness, peace, contentment, love and so much more into your world. Being grateful attracts positivity into your life, you will begin looking for it everywhere you go, in everything you do and within everyone you meet! You will become someone that someone else is grateful for. Isn’t that a lovely feeling?

Here is how it works: You put on your headphones, or turn up the car radio & turn on some amazing (wordless) music, Blackmill radio is my favorite right now to use, I highly suggest them! Turn up the volume at that perfect level where you can FEEL the music. Take a few deep breaths and prepare yourself for an amazing experience. Get rid of distractions and during an ENTIRE song (or three) you say out loud, yes out loud, all the things you are grateful for, loud enough for you to hear it OVER your music. For the entire song(s), Just keep going, don’t quit, try not to repeat, dig deep. Amazing things will happen!

What you will notice happening is that you have to really go deep to get through the whole song at first… REAL DEEP. You will find things you are grateful for that you didn’t even know you were grateful for.  Things or people that may have hurt you in the past, that have made you stronger or taught you a lesson to make you who you are today, thankful that forgiveness is an option and learning to love them for who they are, and accepting who they are not able to be. If your outside you will be thankful for things like the trees who always have their hands raised in glorious praise. Thankful for the seasons that change and how they seem go dormant and teach us that we also must rest to come back stronger, brighter, greener, we must let some things die so that new life may grow within us. There are so so sooooo many lessons in nature. That’s why a gratitude walk outside is probably the best thing you can do for your soul.

It’s easy to say one or two things you are grateful for… but to find things to fill a whole three and a half minute song is a whole other level of gratitude. Dig deep, let it flow, tears will probably come, joy will follow, your heart will be overflowing by the end. Each day dig deeper and deeper until you find all the joy and love and peace in your soul that has been dying to come out.

You’re welcome in advance. This WILL change your life! We would love to hear what happens. Imagine if the whole world was at peace with themselves and forever grateful for the little things as well as the big things. Share with us what you’re thankful for and inspire others in our tribe to be grateful for more and more. #BetterMeTribe #GratitudeWalk #JoinTheTribe

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  1. Six
    | Reply

    Very helpful exercise to right the negative train of thoughts threatening to take over ones mindset. Inspiring and moving. Great way to reset, cleanse , and refocus on the big picture. Reminds me of the quote about life being a journey not a destination. Learn from your experiences to make better choices and don’t beat yourself up for past mistakes. Live in the now and do the best you can.

  2. BetterMeTribe
    | Reply – This is a great Blackmill station to start off your Gratitude challenge with. Do it for a whole song and let us know what kind of Magic happens inside of you!

  3. Tim N
    | Reply

    What we were is a function of who we are now and who we are now is a function of who we will be.

    Although this seems obvious, it is something that a lot of people don’t realise or forget. Doing this exercise does help you to postively understand where you have been, where you are now and where you want to go.

    Thank you!

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