Happiness is the Best Gift

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What would you give to be able to have a magic wand that you could wave around and make everyone happy? Guess what? You don’t even need a wand. Your happiness makes others happy! That, my dear, is even better than magic!

Happiness is contageous! 

People tend to put their own happiness last to make others happy…. but the truth is, those who love you will never be happy until you are. Your happiness matters to others as much as theirs does to you. Do the world AND YOURSELF a favor and FIND YOUR HAPPY! Schedule in 10 minutes or better yet, 1 hour a day for your happy, as if your life depends on it– because it does. Treat your happiness as if your loved ones, family, friends and co-workers and everyone around you’s happiness depends on it… BECAUSE IT DOES!!

Did you know happy people earn more money, have more friends, have a better home life, marriage, and happier kids? Seems obvious, right? How do you become that person? You choose to. You choose to be sick and tired of being unhappy. You choose to make small shifts that make big changes. You choose to make taking that 1 hour a day for you important, even if it’s 5 minutes at a time! You choose to not let little things stress you, or upset you. And one day…

You choose to not allow circumstances outside
change your happiness on the inside.


It is not someone else’s job to make us happy either, that is too much pressure on them to handle, they should be too busy finding their own happiness. If they are having to stop their happiness to make us happy, is that fair to them? I think not. That would be quite selfish of us to put that burden on someone else, wouldn’t it? We can help them be happy by becoming happy on our own. That is OUR JOB and no one else’s.

Give the gift of happiness to yourself because that is what gives it to others. No matter how much you try to make others happy, they never will be until you are. Love them and yourself enough to make happiness a priority for all. ❤️


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