Hate is the enemy, Love is the Cure- Choose your side.

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It is simple:
We are either part of the solution or part of the problem.

The things going on in today’s world, I feel, have the potential to go really wrong or really right if handled properly. I do see a lot of men and women handling things right, in love, in forgiveness, in grace, but, I also see a lot of things that are being mishandled, in hate, in anger, in a desperate attempt to be heard, seen, and loved, we are hurting each other, and that is not ok.

Acting out in hate causes our actions to be ignored, not heard. 

Unfortunately, until we stand up to the wrongdoers, on every level, the media feeding us lies with misinformation, and the people in charge using their position of power as a position to do evil, they will continue to corrupt the hearts of the world. They are showing only the display of negative and outlandish behaviors to further their own goals and agendas, in turn destroying humanity for personal gain.

We are an amazing and beautiful people. That is what we need to show to the world. So many heroes and sheroes doing good in this world are being overlooked and drown out by the 1% acting ridiculous for attention. Embarrassing the cause, nation, race, and religion from whom they claim to represent… and that breaks my heart.

I challenge each of us RIGHT NOW to spread love instead of hate. To share all the Sheroes and Heroes of this world, and drown out the ones making a stink! But… that’s another rant for another day. Today we are focusing on us, on the message that we are trying to get out, to celebrate our own (S)heroisms.

Stand up for what is right, but do it the right way

unapologetically, with clarity and love.

What is your message? Are you portraying it in a way that it can actually be heard? Are you, with your words and actions, representing the change you want to see? Or, are you becoming the very thing you are fighting against? Fighting hate with hate only creates more hate. Choose love, and you will get so much further. When is the last time you actually listened to, and heard someone yelling at you or spouting hate in your face? Never. We shut down. If you want to be heard, speak in love, because that is all anyone is after anyway.

It’s time to ask ourselves,
how can we handle this in love?

The energy we use to complain about something is meant to be used to fix the thing we are complaining about. Change gears.

If something is bothering us, it means we are supposed to be fixing it. If something strikes your heart chord, that means you are a part of the solution, a part of the change.

Not everything bothers everyone, simply because everyone has their own part to do, in their own thing, in their own way.  Your mission is not their mission and vice versa, they may be similar but not the same. Let’s be understanding of that.

What can each of us to TODAY to start becoming part of the solution? What can we do to put our hearts into the solution and pour love onto everything to change it?

Hate never fixes anything.
It only worsens every situation.

Love is the only thing that can change anyone or anything.

Love can change the world.

What can we do right now ourselves, to shift our mindset, to change the way we view things, to be more understanding, and to look at others through loving and compassionate eyes?

Men are not the enemy.

Women are not the enemy.

Race, Sex, Religion, not the enemy.

Right is the enemy of wrong.

Love is the enemy of Hate.

This is our real battle. It is not you vs. me. It is good vs. evil. And evil comes in every size, shape, color, and form. We are good. We were made to be good, to be love, to live together. Not separately.


• Write down right now five things that are bothering you about what is going on in your world today.

• Now write down WHY they bother you. Dig deep, peel back all the layers to find your why’s.

Our why’s are what defines us, what drives our life! 

You can write a race, a political party, a nation, a country, the government here, whatever is bothering you.

For example, let’s say you write “Men” down.

Well… let’s dig deeper… you can’t possibly dislike ALL men, so maybe you think you dislike a certain kind of man… pompous, arrogant, untrustworthy men? Nope, that’s not it either. Dig deeper, go all the way. What do you dislike about them?

Was it possibly an action of one man? Is it really fair to the rest of men to be piled into the same category as the one that is horrid? For a deeper example… So one hurt you. Do all men with dark hair and brown eyes with that same name need to be wiped from the planet because they’re all horrible humans? No, that would be silly and very unfair to all the nice ones who fit that description. NO!

What if the next person who will change your life in the most beautiful ways looks exactly like that, same name and all? Are you going to mistreat them? Do they deserve the punishment that the one that hurts you does? Is that ethical behavior? NO!

What if that one guy was having a bad day and didn’t mean what he said or did, what if you were having a bad day and totally misinterpreted the way he communicated?

Can you right now, take responsibility for the “story” that you have held onto all these years that planted a seed of hate inside of you that took over and created a man-hating world in your head?  Not trying to bust anyone’s balloons here, just trying to get raw and real with you all, as I have been doing for myself, and it has allowed so much beauty to come out! Let that Shhhh….. tufff go! It’s complete lunacy!

Ok now, Write another list. Who has hurt you, write down their names, what they did? Focus on the situations, were you having a bad day? Could you have misinterpreted the situation? Were you understanding of their side of the situation? You never know what someone is going through, maybe their dog or grandpa died or something, you just don’t know!

Dig deeper: uh oh… Truthbomb here… How many times have you punished yourself with this same offense, replaying it in your head, un-needingly beating yourself up for it, 1,592,487 times- FOR NO REASON!

And now Even Deeper: Eeeekkk! How many others have you punished because of one’s offense or mistake? Being guarded, jealous, angry, and not open to someone because of you not being able to let go and forgive the other person and be free to love yourself and others?

We can only control ourselves in ANY situation, even in our minds.

Change the story in your head, show mercy, grace, understanding, responsibility in ALL situations. Forgive. Bless and release. Thank them for the lessons they gave, the opportunities to grow. Forgive them, forgive yourself for all the reruns and mishaps that happened because of it, then BURN THE PAPER 

Never hold an ill feeling towards anyone or any situation again. Can you make that promise to me, to yourself? Forgive and Forget. Bless and Release. BURN THE BOATS- There is no going back!

Men are not the enemy,
women are not the enemy,
race, sex, religion is not the enemy,
Hate is.

Let’s get real, No body’s perfect. There is good and bad in each of us. Yes, even within ourselves, the Ying and the Yang. What if the person or people you are hating on, just need love to change? What if it’s us that needs love to change? GIVE IT! The Truth is…

We can only hate others if we have hate inside to give.

Get rid of the hate within!!! How? Simple, replace it with love. Replace bad people with loving ones, replace bad habits with loving ones, replace bad jobs with better ones- there are loving bosses out there, I promise, maybe your boss needs love from you to change that relationship… Someone has to go first. Replace bad reactions with loving actions, replace anger with forgiveness, replace sadness with joy, replace meanness with continual kind actions. Pay attention; opportunities to Love are EVERYWHERE. Figure out in EVERY detail, how you can love your way through it.

We can only love others if we have love to give. 

We are the only ones in control of ourselves. It doesn’t matter what anyone else is doing, saying, telling you to do, how to feel, how to be. It doesn’t matter how they are behaving, what matters is what WE are doing, what WE are saying, and how WE are behaving. 

What message are you trying to get out there? Are your actions speaking that message? You know the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words”- Are YOU being the change you want to see? Are you living the life you want to live? It’s not men, women, race, or religion’s fault that we are not where we want to be. It is our own. We are either taking the bull by the horns or letting that sucker trample us. NOONE can hold us back, EXCEPT US! We may allow others to borrow or steal our power, to hold us back, maybe to blame them, but at the end of the day, it is and will forever be OUR CHOICE. Get up, get out there, and fight for it. We are all the human race. No one can hold us back if we don’t allow it!

P.S. I say these things in So much love, giving you back your power & giving you the strength and courage to fight for you. Fight for your message, but fight for the RIGHT things in the right ways, not just to fight, or get caught up in a hate tornado. 



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