Daily Inspiration for your soul,
so that you can go out and shine your light in the world!

Inspiration Station

Find your happy, your peace, your you in our Inspiration section. We are all on an amazing journey of self-improvement in this world. We are not alone in this journey! We are improving day by day together. Join the Tribe of people making the world a better place one heart at a time. And that better world begins within each of us and is meant to be shared. Refill your mind, body and soul so that you can always Shine your light. We hope to learn together how to shine our lights so bright in this world that a shadow can not exist in our presence!

Inspire Me!

Workouts for the Mind and Body!

We all know that workouts begin in our heads. With a choice… to push further, go longer, push harder or quit. Try our daily inspirations to help you break through your workouts and learn that they are a GIFT to your body. Start at the top on the Challenge Hub where we have collected the entire 30-day challenge for you to do and grow with or pick a workout that you want to do and just begin. Starting is the hardest part. Let’s give the gift of movement to ourselves and to others!


Refill your spiritual cup…

We believe that we can’t help others fully when our own cups are empty. Learn to flow. Filling up on good things, as we pour good out onto others. Learn to serve in the overflow of our lives together. We can serve the world so much better when we are not tired, sick, broken, poor and exhausted. It takes daily refills to keep our cups full and overflowing so that we can fully serve others the way we are called to do. There are many things we can do to fill our own cups in this world, and here is a good starting place!

Fill my cup!

Things to remind you to lead with love Every Day

Feel like a Goddess with inspirational things drawn on your body with the most beautiful, magical gold dust in our Goddess Pens.
Start your days out right with our amazing Quote Cards. These amazing quote cards are meant to be SHARED!! Help us to Inspire the world! And, we know you will never want to take off our super soft Inspiring Tee’s and tanks! Each with inspiring quotes on them. Perfect for workouts, or wearing out on the town to inspire others!


Change your mindset, Change your world.

~ BetterMeTribe

Powerful Affirmation Quote Cards

You are more powerful than you even realize and these cards will help you find the power, strength, and spirit within!  Take a card out each day and use that as your positive mantra until it becomes habit! When you are finished with a card, pass it on to enable someone else to find their own power within them as well. Be Powerful Every Day.. and Pass it on! <3

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Goddess Pens

Let your Inner Goddess shine through with our amazing Goddess Pens! Draw whatever temporary tattoo you feel like to make you feel beautiful!! Have a Goddess party! Use daily instead of jewelry. Draw beautiful designs anywhere. The possibilities are endless. Markers are non-toxic. The Goddess Tattoos last about a week with regular washing and wear. Two weeks if you are really careful. Draw anything, anywhere, anytime and it will be there to inspire you as long as you want it to!

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Clothing Line

Flattering styles with great BetterMeTribe to spread the inspiration around the world. Change your mindset, Change your world. or A Better World begins with in me. Choose your design, choose your style, and choose your color. So many combinations to choose from. We think you need one of each 😉

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