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You are not helpless unless you choose to be hopeless. 

Hopeless is what a caterpillar feels like in the cocoon, and if it gives up, it will never ever become the butterfly.  

While it’s in there, it feels helpless, hopeless, in the dark, and becomes paralyzed by it all, becoming a big blob of goo and not knowing what to do.

One day, it stops fighting the overwhelm and procrastination, doing everything else but the one thing it needs to. It silences the internal wars of shame, not giving in or giving up, but instead just clearing a space to just be. While sitting in its quiet place, it finally begins to hear its own heartbeat. 

What a beautiful noise it is. It reminds it…

I AM alive…

I AM safe… 

This IS part of the process…

It IS all OK

In the excitement and relief, and with the new space, the ideas that have been patiently waiting begin to flow in. A good idea steps up, and that idea sprouts up antennas. Another good idea grows legs, another good idea sprouts wings, and before you know, the ideas begin to work together to create something far more beautiful and capable than ever before! 

Each action inspires more ideas, and each idea sparks more action. Before you know it, it no longer fits in the space it has been resting in. It is time to fly, and for this, it MUST break free from the cocoon. Beautiful things beckon it.

It MUST move forward,
because there is no other option. 

Tap, tap, tap, it chips away at the walls that have held it back for far too long. Building the muscles and wisdom needed as it pushes up and out of the cocoon it is currently tired of being in, and it begins to see its way out. 

So it starts challenging even more old beliefs and self-imposed limits. One by one, they crumble away, as the nothings they truly were, and the light of brighter things ahead grows stronger.

Calling it. 

The more it works, the stronger its muscles and intention get as it purposefully chooses every thought, action, and belief, removing the walls that have been holding it back for far too long. 

Those muscles are needed to help it fly away into its greater destination. 

The one that couldn’t have been reached before now… because it wasn’t ready for it.

It had to build those inner and outer muscles first.

It had to quiet the noise…

To listen to the soul’s heartbeat…

To spark the ideas that created the actions…

That built the muscles for it…



If it had skipped even one step…

If it had cheated its way to the end… 

If it didn’t build the muscles inside and out… 

In the darkness where no one could see…

No one could do it for them…

…Then, it would never be able to fly away into the bigger dreams when the time was just right. 

Soon everything that once held it back and made it feel trapped begins to crumble before its very eyes. The more it works at it, the more freedom it creates for itself, and its next big dream becomes its new reality. 

And the next big and beautiful dream comes into view on the horizon.

Each stage is needed; 


Don’t skip a step!

So next time you’re in a stage that feels so overwhelming that you just turn into goo… 

Be still… 


Silence all the noise and find that inner heartbeat. Listen….

Listen to your soul’s calling. 

Listen to your heart beating.

Listen to the ideas who have been waiting patiently in line for YOU to make room for them. Listen…

Hear the ideas…

The good ones…

The bad ones… 

The silly ones…

Take the ones that help you grow the parts you need, like muscles, wisdom, and wings, and let the rest float on by like feathers in the wind.

It takes getting sick and tired of how hard it is, being the goo trapped in the cocoon, to get angry enough to change it. 

Don’t waste time with discouragement; use that as a spark to light the fire inside. 

This, my beautiful darling, is where the magic happens. This is where you GET TO use that anger to…

Create the fire inside,

Make the changes needed,

Become who and what you need, 

Grow the muscles you need, 

Learn the lessons you need, 

and reach the goals which are calling you… they’re just on the other side of that wall, over that hill, on the other side of that mountain. 

You need only to make space so you can make room for all the things you need who are waiting for you to … just.. make room… 

No one can do this for you. Only you can grow your wings to fly. 

If not for the climb, we wouldn’t have the muscles for what beautiful things are coming nor the wisdom to even appreciate the view on the other side. 

Sometimes all it takes is darkness to see the light. And sometimes, all it takes is light to see the darkness. 

It simply depends on which side of the wall you are on to know which is which. Contrast is key. 

So, use whatever dark feelings you have inside to spark a fire inside and reveal all the things around you trying to help you in your world. 

We are meant to shine so brightly that shadows can not exist in our presence. 

But, no one is able to do that all the time and that is OK! 

I believe we do not talk about just how OK and normal that really is!

Yes, our lights will glow brightly in seasons of soaring and flicker and fade in seasons of growth. This is normal!

We should fear the fire burning completely out and getting stuck back in our old cocoons. Darling, live a life so big that you no longer fit in there! 

That doesn’t mean never to rest, rebuild or regroup. No. It means listening, actually hearing, learning, enjoying all the views, feeling the wind in your face as you use the momentum from your last big push to coast down the next hill and halfway up the next big mountain. Then using your newfound energy and space that you just created to gain momentum and strength to make it as far as you can up the next mountain before it gets hard and requires you to slow down and get even stronger, smarter, and wiser to make it up and over the top. 

If you stop, you will go backward. Don’t stop… keep going! With every mountain you climb, the easier the next molehill will be. And the easier the last one seemed. Keep going. There will and should ALWAYS be a new mountain that you want to explore and climb, lest you go back and turn to goo all over again. 

Then have to work so hard to build a new cocoon, strengthen up, learn all the lessons, starting again, for the next season of soaring.

There will always be a new season coming. It’s always better to prepare than to suffer—no need to be burnt out and have to rebuild over and over. Continue to grow muscles in the good times so you can skip most of the bad times and soar into an even bigger and brighter future. 

Start finding a way to prepare now for the next season of your life. What will you need? 

There will always be another mountain to climb, and it will always be worth it in the end. Don’t give up. 

Don’t get stuck in the valley, hiding, overwhelmed, and let your spirits get crushed by dislodged rocks from other climbers. Don’t hide in the shadows and turn back into goo. 

No matter what stage of life you are in, every person climbs every mountain the same- One step at a time. It doesn’t matter how long your step takes you, only that you never quit. 

What is your next step? Take it.

Build the muscles, Break free from your self-imposed cocoons and a life of goo, and soar, baby soar. 

Are you in the goo now? It’s OK. 

Goo is good!

This is the Winter of our minds and souls. Winter is where the shedding of old things that no longer help us happens—preparing for Spring, where new growth and the sprouting of new ideas, desires, wishes, and dreams begin.

So, release the things that no longer help you. Prune and cut ties with all the things that hold you back. Quit using all of your energy for the branch that is finished and ready to be set free back into the earth to help you in a different way. 

Instead, use your energy for the new roots and branches to be born. The old served their purpose. They taught you, held you, formed you, and served you well for the time you were in. 

But, a new season is coming, and the old knows it needs to make way for younger, stronger branches and roots to hold you up because the next storm is always coming, and it’s a beautiful one. It will transform you into the most beautiful version of yourself yet!

So, embrace your goo, build the muscles, gleam the wisdom. Thank the cocoon for the protection, but you no longer need it. You are ready to see what is out there waiting for you, and frankly, it may be exhausted trying to hold you in while you figure it all out. But it holds you and loves you just the same. It held its purpose and now it is your time to go find yours. 

Fly baby fly 🐛💫🦋 

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