I do Declare!

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We bring into our lives everything we declare. What are we declaring over our life? Unworthiness or Greatness? Shame or Pride, Failure or Success? Start today to declare the things you want, Declare GREAT things! Start changing your words, your thoughts, your actions. Start saying to yourself, out loud as much as possible…

I Declare Great things into my life!

But don’t stop there, start to declare Great things into your child’s life, into your spouse, into your friends and family, into your co-workers, into everyone you meet… EVEN STRANGERS ON THE STREET!

I Declare Great things for you!

Why is it that we are so eager to put ourselves down? Who said that was ok? It’s Not! Seriously, though, would you have any friends if you talked to them the way you talk to yourself? Most would say no. Are you your own friend? Most people I talk to treat themselves worse than their own enemy does. WHY in the world!! STOP IT!

We are beautiful Creations, each perfect in our own ways!

Start Declaring it! Today is the day that we will all do better. The way we talk to ourselves is the way we teach others to talk to us. We seek them to lift us up when it is not their job, then we teach them that we are not worthy of lifting by how we talk to ourselves. Kind of contradictory isn’t it? Not to mention, we will never be satisfied by others opinions of us. We do not need to put our self-worth in the hands of others, If we give them that power, they can sure take it away, leading to our ultimate destruction…. Take your own power back and do things to make you proud of yourself. Go exercise, go for the job you have been wanting, go get the phone number of the sweet thing you have been eyeballing on the train, Just go for it!

Besides, when we depend on others fluffery, it becomes an addiction and then you will need more and more, and never be satisfied. Because it is not their Job it is ours. We have one person’s opinion that matters, and that is our own. (And of course the opinion of our creator- but he is not a mere human)

Speak nothing but Life into ourselves, into others.

Speak nothing but encouragement into our life and into others. Let no negative thing pass our minds, or even get near our mouths. We all CONTROL our thinking. We choose to use our thoughts to break us down or lift us up. It is all a choice. Why in the world would we ever put ourselves down? This world is harsh enough, Kick the twerp inside who is badmouthing you out. They no longer allowed to live here, they take away our dreams and our futures, eat all our soul food and they don’t even pay rent! EVICTION TIME! They are slowly killing us inside and keeping us from our true purposes in this world. Making us live so much smaller than our potential!

Try this…

Draw what your enemy inside looks like on a paper, make them as ugly as they make you feel, as snarky as their comments and fat, lazy and greasy as they make you feel you are, cross their eyes make them as silly and ugly as you can… got it? (Please share the pics with us) Now you give that thing a good talking to. You tell them off, let it all out, release all the pain and agony they have caused you and give it back to them! Yell, cry, give them the who’s who and fire them. The Louder the better, it’s more freeing…. unless you’re in public… lol! Kick them out of your life, and make sure they take all their baggage with them. When you are SURE you have it all out. Not even a stinky sock left behind. Ahhhh, right?
Feel better? Now you decide how you want to destroy them. Burn it, tear it up, garbage disposal, sharpie, shredder, take it out to the curb, let it sail away and sink into the ocean.  Make sure there is nothing left of him what so ever in your house, in your body or in your life! He No longer leeches your happiness!

img_5869-1Here is mine… no laughing haha – I have a hole in his heart and he has a hand full of all thumbs. lol – He is out of me and onto paper and mannnnn it feels good to look at him face to face. To see how small he really is.

Now I think ill take the sharpie and have some fun, run him over with the car a few times, maybe put him on the dart board, tape him to the punching bag, wrap him around a baseball and hit him as far as I can into the woods.   He has no power over me anymore! I know it all seems silly until you do it. We have to free ourselves from this monster who has been chomping away at us all this time from the inside.

When we start to talk better to ourselves, we build belief inside. When we build belief we get excited, then and ONLY THEN will others believe in us too.

Start Declaring Great things into your life.

With that monster who has been declaring all things bad on you for so long being gone you have SO MUCH FREEDOM and so much room inside to REDECORATE!  Redecorate your whole life. Nothing will make you feel better than a renovation from the inside out. When we change what is inside, we change what is outside.

I Declare…


Today is the day that I meet someone Great

Today is the day that I become someone Great

Today is My Day to shine!

Today is the day I choose Love!

Today is the day That I allow others to love me.

Today is the day that I will succeed in all things.

Today is the day that I stop holding onto things that do not serve me or my future.
And replace them with things that do!


Declare GREAT things into your life,
instead of the bad things that have you declared in the past.
That is the old you, the old monster inside of you.
Can we get an Amen!

Take a deep amazing freeing breath, and start to enjoy life!
Much love! Angie@BetterMeTribe.com <3



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