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Identify Your Why

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Has your life become dull and boring? Nothing excites you anymore? Try these tips to learn to rediscover and get excited about your world. Why? Let’s find out!

Have you ever stopped to think about WHY you feel how you feel? Pay attention to your feelings. Identify them. Recognize them, Respect them, Research them! Ask yourself why about everything! The good, the bad and the ugly! Why do you love this, why do you hate that, why does that person annoy you, why does that person attract you? Why, Why, Why like a 3-year-old child.

Never stop asking why. Never stop rediscovering your world!

Wow this _____ makes me feel _____. Why?

It is ok to feel this way, for this _____ because _____. Why?

Why exactly does ____ make me feel _____? Why?

Even when you think you have an answer, go one step deeper, and ask why again.  Keep asking why until there are no more why’s to ask. It is like peeling back the layers to a rose and finding a diamond in the middle. Some of your why explorations may feel like peeling back the layers to an onion, yes its ok to cry! Blame the onion! And some are so deep it may be more like peeling the layers back on a head of cabbage, being careful not to tear them, but knowing when you get to the center, you will be free.

When we don’t know our why’s,
life very quickly?
begins to feel like quicksand.

We feel trapped inside of things. When we are peeling back our layers, asking why the diamond we find inside is our true self. Why do we feel, think, act, look, dress, believe, like we do? Was it something taught to us? Do we want to keep that lesson or learn a new one?

Is it truly us or someone else?

  • Do we like this certain food because we like it, or is it a memory it holds? Why, Why, Why!
  • Do we believe this certain thing because it was told to us to believe, or that we have a conviction in our hearts about it, or there was a life-changing moment involved?
  • Do we like this job because that is what we are told to be or do, or because it lights our soul on fire?
  • Are we with this girl/boy because we make them better & they make us better, our dreams align & we bring out the best in each other and together we are unstoppable and can tackle the world… or… because we don’t know how to get out, no one is happy, but its comfortable (which usually means uncomfortable) And we don’t know where else to go, or don’t want to start again… even though we know there is something far better out there and the longer we stay, the less potential we have at living our purpose…. You know the answer here. Why? Why do you stay? Why Settle? Why stay with someone whose purpose is not same as yours?  They deserve better, and so do you! Why? Because there is something you are meant to do in this life that no one can do but you! Why? Because it is your destiny!

Do you see how I “why’d” that whole scenario all the way to the end? That is what you need to do about everything in your life!

Find your why, Find your world

Maybe its better said as Define your why, Define your world.

This is the only way we know who we truly are!

Defining who we are, helps us define who we aren’t. We learn to establish boundaries. We learn how we will allow others to treat us, and how we will treat others. It teaches us self-gratitude and respect. It teaches us to find our strengths and weaknesses and to grow what needs growing.

Who are you? Why?

Why yourself to the very end of each rabbit hole. Here are a few examples to get you started…

Say it is a song. What about it makes you love it? What makes you feel it? Is it the lyrics, is it the beat of the song, the tone of the voice, a certain instrument your fond of? What feelings does it bring out in you? Figure out what EXACTLY about it makes you feel how it makes you feel. Ask yourself WHY. What does it mean to you? Why does it mean this to you?  Ask, why! What about a song you hate? Why? Most songs I hate is due to feelings they bring. Screamo makes me feel angry, which is a feeling I can’t allow to take root in my heart… Why? because I know it would consume me if I allowed it even an inch, it would take a mile and destroy my life. Why? Because a lot of bad things have happened to me in my life, and although I have forgiven everyone I can think of, I have not forgotten as it is now my foundation which makes me strong and able to help so many others. I own it, rather than it owning and defining me! Boom!

Find you whys whatever they mean to you, maybe you’re the same as me to an extent, maybe you’re the exact opposite. Let your “Why” be your own, as no two lives are exactly the same. 

Say it’s a person. What about this person do you love/ not love? What qualities are in this person you would like to learn or learn from? Is it how they connect with you or others, or how they don’t connect with you or others? Is it their tone, their encouragement, their attitude, the love in their eyes, their smile? Maybe it is their light, or their peace, their love or their energy you like. Maybe they hold something your soul craves, maybe it’s something inside of you that is trying to get out. Maybe it is their relationship with their God, and the peace it gives them. Maybe it’s their relationship with self, they know who they are, they ooze confidence, maybe, they have it all figured out because they “why’d” themselves already and are confident in all the reasons they are or aren’t.

 It’s your turn to be confident in who you are and aren’t

I encourage you to mentally go through your friends and family and pick out what you love about each of them. And as much as I’m allergic to negativity you should also go through the people who get on your last nerves as well, list and identify what it is about them that drives you crazy. Two beautiful things will happen here, you to learn to find the good in them and learn to avoid that bad. Say every time you bring up a certain subject, let’s say politics, it causes problems. Heres a magic suggestion… Don’t bring it up  ¯_(ツ)_/¯  – By learning which buttons not to push you to find common ground with the people who drive you crazy and if you can’t find a comfortable middle ground… then they probably don’t belong in your life. They belong in someone else’s. Bless and release.

When someone or something makes you feel a certain way. Stop and figure out why. If it makes your heart sing, figure out why and what about it makes that happen so that you can find more of it! When you identify the things that make you happy you can add more of them to your life. Find what makes your heart sing, fill your life up with it and bless and release the rest!

I will give an example. Over Thanksgiving we had a friend from England come over and spend two weeks with us. We took him to see all the sights around here which are mostly nature, mountains, and waterfalls, as we live in a very abundantly beautiful place. I took him to the top of a mountain I had been to many, many times.  It was a rainy day and we were worried we couldn’t see anything but had faith and went up the mountain anyway because it was his last day here and last chance to see it.

As we got to the top of the mountain, something amazingly beautiful happened to me that I took months to wrap my head, heart, and soul around. It was truly a moment of bliss that took my breath away and still does when I think about it.  Standing on the edge of the mountain. I knew what was out there, but we couldn’t see it. As the wind blew by us bringing clouds up and over the mountains, every now and then you could get a glimpse of what was out there, and it would take your breath away.

I Why’d myself over this for months. How could I put into words what I felt on that mountain. It wasn’t the views that astounded me, as I had seen them many times before. It was the clouds. It was the whole experience. But, why?

I was standing on what feels like the top of the world. And could see nothing. Nothing but clouds rushing up and over the mountain and what felt like through me. It truly took my breath away. I stood there, staring out into nothingness, and for a moment. I was the only one on the earth. No one needed me, nothing was pulling at me, for some really strange reason my phone was dead. But I believe it was divine so that I could truly have that moment – as I am usually the picture taker of everything! It was… so far… the most peaceful moment of my life.

This moment forever changed me, it left a forever impression on my heart. Why? Because I had never experienced anything like it before. Why? Because I never allowed myself to just… be… still…. It changed me and changed me for the better. It is a place in my mind and heart that I will forever be trying to experience again. Now that I know moments of bliss like that exist, I HAVE TO find more of them. Meditation became a part of my life after this day, as it is teaching me to quiet my mind and soul as needed no matter where I am. However, I know that, Finding places in the world that take my breath away and make me forget that anything else exists for just a moment is what I need as well. So my desire to explore the world has never been greater, and I do that every chance I get! 13 countries and growing!

I picked the components of that day apart in my mind for months, trying to identify the WHY. Why did it overtake me to tears?  My Soul was awakened and poured out right there on the rock. It was set free.  It was as if the cloud went through my body and took my soul for a ride it with it, and I felt every moment of it. It was amazing to say the very, very least, this moment moved me beyond words. When is the last time you ever felt a moment like this? What caused it, what created it, what did you feel? WHY! How can you recreate it? Something that takes your belly and breath away!

My why for me and my life is becoming clearer with time and practice. My world was unburdened for just a moment.  I was actually present in the moment, as I usually am not. And for a moment nothing else existed, nothing was pulling me, calling me, needing me. Just me in the clouds. Nothing taking my attention away. I was alone with me, and it felt amazing.

But that moment in time will forever be stamped on my heart, my first moment of true Bliss and because of it, my curiosity has awoken, and I’ve had so many more since. Because of this moment, I started my WHY journey. And I hope and pray that you start yours. Let us know your Why’s in the comments <3

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I am now living a life seeking amazing blissful moments.
It it doesn’t make my heart sing then it is not for me.
What makes your heart sing.
Find your why and find your bliss moments and fill your life with them.
Unburden your heart with the things that don’t,
so that you can make room for things that do. <3

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