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IMPOSSIBLE… such a cursed word.

Impossible can be taken in many ways, as a hopeless ending, giving up, or a no way out.

But it can also be separated into two words, “I’m possible,” helping remind us of our power. We ARE possible, possible of anything we wish and dream of, plus we are made in the image of God where all things ARE possible.

But today, I’d like to talk about something even better than what we are capable of. When we separate the “I’m” from possible, we break free from the box we keep ourselves in, and allow others to put us in, and finally step into possibilities that we could never thought we could do on our own.

When we take back control of our lives and live in alignment with our creator, everything becomes Possible. We become unlimited by our own limiting mindset, and suddenly, we open ourselves up to all kinds of miracles and endless options, and far greater things than we could ever imagine or accomplish by ourselves!

In your head your dead, in your heart is where you start.

When we get out of our heads, we get out of our own way; when we are in our heart, we clear the noise and become able to start. When we silence all of the limiting beliefs about ourselves, the ones we keep swirling around in our minds, placed by others’ ideas, or assumptions of what others say are saying or thinking, or feeling that aren’t even true. Take a step back, and instead of saying things, dreams, wishes, or goals are impossible, free yourself up to ask questions like “What is possible? What possibilities are accomplishable here? What endless possibilities can this situation potentially have, results will it will provide, gifts it will give?”


Impossible is such a limiting statement. It leaves no room for strategy, growth, lessons or options.


Everything has possibilities, including but not limited to us.

I once heard a story about a couple who was elbow deep in debt. When all seemed hopeless and impossible, a dear friend reminded them to remove the “I’m” from the equation. Instead of worrying about their own hopelessness and debts anymore, they were told to start praying for all the people in the stack of bills, pray for all who owed them money, and whom they owed money.

They prayed for each person in the stack of bills,
that would be blessed abundantly in whatever way they needed most.

Soon the blessings and abundance were showing up for them as well. Unexpected discounts came in unexpected places, buy one get one deals showed up, people gave them extras, fulfilling their needs, refund checks started to arrive, customers paid their bills in full, and then the couple was able to pay others in full as well.

The money they needed came to them easily in unexpected ways because when they blessed others, the blessings came back!

Blessings and curses are boomerangs!

They simply shifted their mindset from “hopelessness & impossibilities” to “blessing others & possibilities.” From “Oh no, what will we do!?” to “How can I serve others better?”

From worried to prayer and from desperation to manifestation!!!

Money, blessings, abundance, they’re all forms of exchanges and meant to be a never-ending flow from one to another and back again. The more we serve others, the more things come back to us, and the flow goes round and round; everyone’s abundance helps everyone’s abundance.

Get off that crazy hamster wheel of worry and get on the infinity loop of abundance flow. I help you, they help me, to help you, to help them. This flow is what makes everything work out in the end.

Serving in our overflow, serves everyone. ~The Overflow Project

So stop limiting your beliefs of what you are made of, made to do, made for, and start asking the questions of it all instead. Like…

If I lived at my fullest possible potential, how would it change my life, and who then could I help to do the same?

What mindset shifts can you do today that can start changing? How can you be grateful in all things, even the hard ones, so that your life can become blessings as it is meant to be?

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    Angie Lee!!!!
    I was in EPM 2020 and I found your page. I bought some Goddess Penns from you for my niece for her birthday. I received them today and your package is soooooooooooooo funnnnnn!!! Thanks you so much for the best little package ever with the little treasures inside!!! <3 <3 <3
    Youre a Goddess!!


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