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What is inside of us always comes out. When is the last time you felt aligned with who you are and at peace with yourself? Do your thoughts take over your day? Are you choosing positive or negative ones?

Our thoughts can make or break us.

How do we tame the wild beast inside of our heads? By knowing that everything, I mean everything that comes in our mind and stays there, IS OUR CHOICE. Sure thoughts come in out of the blue sometimes and we are like “Whoa, where did that come from” but they are meant to pass through.

Imagine your thoughts like clouds in the sky. The clouds don’t cause any trouble until one stays too long and gets grumpy. Recognize them, correct them if needed, release them if they are not something you want to keep there.

What is inside of us is what comes out.

The wars, the love, the happiness, the sadness, the anger, the grief, the hopelessness, the joy, the passion, the boredom, the everything inside of us is what comes out of us onto others. Are we spreading cheer or slime? All of it is magnetic and attracts exactly what we are giving.

What do you want to attract? We feel the need to gather people who support our state of mind. If we want to rant about something, we don’t go to the positive friend who will remind us that the rant is wrong and we are taking things personally and overreacting do we, no, we find the friend who will get mad with us! If we are lucky in love, we aren’t going to go hang out with the newly divorced, bitter break-up friend, are we?

We seek out those to agree with what we are feeling inside.

Pay attention to who you hang out with more, to identify what is going on inside of you. Are you and negative Nancy bff’s hanging out judging, grumping and talking about everyone and all the problems in the world, in your world? Or are you more surrounded by positive Polly’s who are always cheerful and vibrant and full of life?

Pay attention to your energy around folks, are they pepping you up to tackle the world, or making you want to take a nap after you leave?

The best way I know to change what’s inside is to start putting good things in. Flood your life with positive things, and you will attract more Polly’s than Nancy’s because we attract what we are.

Start by Memorizing positive mantras, scriptures, affirmations or even some good song lyrics. Start reading better books, watching better movies, listening to better songs, going to better places. Do things that fill your cup, not drain it. These things help us choose our thoughts, and keep them on the right track. 

Take the positivity challenge, Go 24 hours without saying or thinking or doing anything negative. Here is how it goes, put a rubber band on your wrist. Every time you say, think or do something negative ya have to pop it on yourself and start the clock over. See how long you can make it. The first time I did this challenge, it took me like 2 weeks to get it! Thankfully we are asleep for 8 hours of it! HA!

But seriously, do this with your negative friends and tell them that you want to become more positive and want them to try this with them. Call each other out, tell each other when you messed up and have to start over. It really is fun, and it really is alarming how negative we can be sometimes.

We are human after all, we all mess up, don’t beat yourself up, just call it out and start again. The further your timer goes, the less likely you are to mess up so you don’t have to start over! Get 8 hours on that timer, you are far less likely to mess that up!

Today’s a fresh new day! Every day, every minute is a chance to start again, to choose again, to do or be better than the last one. You are worth it. This world needs you to be your best self. To show up and fight for that better you means you are showing up for all of us. We need you.

Focus on your goals, if what you are thinking, doing or saying doesn’t align with them, then it doesn’t belong. Be that obnoxiously awesome person who has their goals written in eyeliner on the bathroom mirror, and quotes on post-its stuck everywhere reminding them to focus on their goals and dreams repeatedly, all day, every day!

We are what we think & say we are!

Try this- on the coffee pot put a post-it that says… TODAY IS THE DAY I WILL…______-(insert whatever affirmation here that will inspire you or get your butt in gear!).

On the bathroom mirror write TODAY I WILL, to remind you that today you are worth it, today is the day you make a change, today is the day that you lay down your head at night freaking proud of yourself and all you accomplished. TODAY YOU WILL ROCK IT!

Put a post-it on your nightstand, that says “I am abundant in love, peace, joy, wealth and health and will share this abundance with everyone I meet.” Wake up repeating that mantra until if lights that fire in your soul, make a deal with yourself that you can’t get up until you believe it fully in your heart.

Place one in your car that says “Today is going to be a great day because I choose it to be.” Repeat them over and over until you memorize them and no longer have to even look at them, but just seeing them reminds you to repeat it in your head.

Put one on the fridge that says, “Food is medicine and I feed my body healing things.”

On the bathroom mirror write, “I am a beautiful creation made by God himself to make this world a better place,” or “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  To stop any and all self-bullying or self-abuse that may happen there. You are freaking beautiful and anything you say in that mirror that does not align with that is a lie. Speak only love! Pop! Try again!

On your computer at work: “I am a focused, intelligent, kick-butt person who brings awesomeness to this place.” On your treadmill: “I’m bringing sexy back.” Place one in your closet or dresser that says “I am enough.” Simple yet powerful.

All of these little things help you squash those negativity monsters inside. With every positive affirmation you say, you are telling them that they have no power over you.

What love notes can you leave for yourself throughout your day? Share with us in the comments 🙂

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